10 Signs that Your Baby is Teething (Part 1)

10 Signs Teething Baby Part 1

Each baby differently and at different times. Some teeth can come through as early as 3 months or as late as 14 months.

Teething starts 2-3 months before they actually poke through so knowing when your baby is teething can be tough to spot. Be ready by knowing some of the signs of teething.

1. Biting and Chewing Objects

Babies will chew nearly anything during their teething process to alleviate some of the pain they are feeling. You may want to give them some teething toys, just make sure they are safe and germ free.

2. Drooling

Naturally, babies drool a lot as they are still learning how to swallow their saliva. During the teething process, your baby’s body creates extra saliva to help their tender gums. Look out for your babies chin being wet.

3. Disturbed Sleep

It’s hard to sleep when you’re in pain which is even more true for a baby. If your baby used to sleep through the night but wakes up more frequently now then it could be due to the discomfort and pain caused by the teething process.

4. Being Irritable and Fussy

Teething discomfort may make your baby a lot more irritable. Their gums become sensitive during the teething process which is most uncomfortable when the first few teeth are coming through.

5. Decreased Appetite and Change in Eating Habits

Some babies who eat solids may want to switch back to the bottle as the spoon and solid food irritate their gums. Other babies may want to eat solids to create some pressure to relieve some of the pain. Some babies will eat less to avoid the discomfort.

Part 2 is coming soon and will include 5 more signs your baby is teething with some helpful tips to sooth your baby.

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