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Every child is an individual. The experiences that they have as a child help to mold them into the adult that they will become. Dental experiences are no exception. The dental experiences a person has as a child and the habits that they develop have a great impact on the long-term oral health of that individual.

It is our goal to help a child develop the habits that are necessary to maintain good oral health throughout their life. Prevention of dental disease is to be preferred over treatment. Good preventative habits, developed early, usually translate into better individual oral health, which means less dental treatment is required over the individual’s life. Consequently, prevention is a major component of what we do.

When treatment is required, it is our goal to accomplish the necessary treatment in a compassionate manner, making things as comfortable as possible for the child. We recognize that dental treatment is not always pleasant and that different children respond differently to the same procedures. We do our best to individualize the treatment approach based upon the type of treatment required and the child’s ability to cope with what is necessary.

We always strive to do what is in the best interest of the child. We feel that it is best to have a child in the care of those that are the highest trained to handle any given situation and so we will refer to other specialists when it is appropriate to do so. An example of this is that, although we follow and document the growth and development of a child’s teeth and jaws very closely, when it is time for active intervention, we will refer to an orthodontist for braces.

As a general rule, we want parents to be in the treatment rooms with us when a child is examined and when treatment is rendered in the office.

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