Downtime for kids vs. after school activities

  In today’s world it’s important to have balanced children. When it comes to activities and downtime it can be tricky to decipher what is best for your child and find that happy medium. We’ve found a great article that gives the pros and cons of each. Downtime... read more

5 Brainpower Boosting Foods for Back to School

  When it comes to helping your child perform at their best during school hours there is no easier way then helping them eat right. Studying and snacking have always gone hand in hand so why not swap out those sugary snacks for something tasty and nutritious!... read more

After-School Programs A Necessity For Modern Families

With federal budget cuts on the way, after-school programs are on the chopping block. So many families need these programs, but the government (or current administration) may not understand why. “In today’s economy, millions of children live in homes where their... read more

West Michigan Events – October 2017

  There is something really special about fall time in Michigan. Our state has the most gorgeous color changing trees around and the crisp cool air that follows. It’s the perfect time of year for outdoor activities and fun times spent with family and friends.... read more
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