How Important are Baby Teeth to my Child?

The baby teeth first appear when your child is between six and 12 months of age, and they start falling out around the age of five or six. Since these teeth are only around for a short time, it's common for parents to question their importance. However, baby teeth...

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4 Fun Activities for Father’s Day

Are you looking for Father's Day ideas that will encourage parent-child bonding and create memories for the whole family? Grilling in the backyard or going to Dad's favorite restaurant are enjoyable options, but consider thinking outside the box and doing something a...

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End of School Year Guide Parents

It's almost summer, well summer vacation kids! It's an exciting time of the year with a ton going on. With so much to think about in the spring and summer, including family vacations and summer camps, it’s easy to get overwhelmed—but an end-of-year checklist can...

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Calming Dental Visit Jitters 101

Whether it's your child's first or their 25th visit, they might get anxious going to the dentist. They may dread going and a little jittery when they're in the dental chair. You can prepare your child for their dental visits and make all future dental visits less...

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Every year we set aside one special day to celebrate Mothers. The one who helped raise us and showed us right from wrong.  The one who showed us grace when we maybe didn’t deserve it. She knows the right time to give advice and the right time to lend a listening ear....

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