8 Bad Habits That Are Bad For Your Teeth

From nail biting to chewing ice, we all have different habits that we do on a daily basis or that your kids do. We want to share some bad habits that can ruin your teeth or your kid's teeth if we don't get rid of some bad habits. Keep track and see if you or your...

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7 Tips to Lower Kids Sugar Intake

Sugar seems to be in everything, especially the foods that kids want. We can reduce the sugar intake though! Not long ago, we talked about Ways to Help Prevent Cavities and these 7 tips will help with that too. 1. Stick to Water It's hard to drink sugary drinks when...

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What Does Flossing Actually Do for You?

Going to the dentist for a checkup not only secures that your teeth, tongue, and the rest our your mouth are in good health, but it’s also a way for your dentist to ensure you’re doing what’s necessary to maintain your oral health on your own. One of the things a...

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Plaque Attack!

What is dental plaque? How does it affect your child’s oral health? How do you prevent the buildup of plaque? What is dental plaque? Dental plaque is a film or coating of bacteria that grows on the surfaces within the mouth. If plaque is not removed twice daily with...

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7 Ways to Care for Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth occur when the nerves of your dentin are easily irritated which can result in mild discomfort or even sharp pain. Too many people go through their life without ever addressing the sensitivity of their teeth, but there are ways to help sooth that...

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