3 Steps in Preventing Dental Injuries

Clutter like legos can be dangerous


As a parent nothing is more important than keeping your children safe and out of harm’s way. More than likely you already know that kids tend to be injury prone, and this statement holds true when it comes to their dental health too.

As a pediatric dental office, we see all types of dental injuries ranging from falls at home to sports related trauma that can lead to the loss of a tooth or broken facial bone.

Here are a few steps that you and your children can use to help prevent dental injury and what to do if trauma arises.

1. Clean up clutter

Keeping a clutter free floor and repairing any loose tiles or floor boards is a great preventative step. Although your children may resist, picking up toys and keeping the floors tidy will reduce the risk of an accident that can result in dental or facial trauma.

2. Mouthguards!

Dental injuries related to sports are higher than ever so protecting them with the right gear is essential. Mouthguards not only protect the teeth they protect the gums as well. It works by limiting the force of impact to your mouth and jaw. You can buy mouthguards at just about any retail store however; custom made mouthguards from a dental office have been shown to provide better protection.

3. Keep important phone numbers handy

In addition to knowing how to prevent a dental injury, it’s also important to know what to do in case of one. In the moment try your best not to be flustered, this will only make your child worry.  Also be sure to have your pediatric dentist’s phone number on file as many have an on call service for emergencies only. Try gathering as much information as possible such as which tooth is injured.  What does the trauma look like, is the tooth fractured or displaced?  Are the gums bleeding? Are there any unusual spots or discoloration of the teeth or gums? All of this will help your dentist.


Accidents happen and sometimes they are unpreventable but call our office if you have any questions or want more information on how to prevent injuries. We are happy to help.

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