3 Summertime Boredom Busters for Your Middle Schooler

Middle Schooler


If you are the parent of a middle schooler you already know this age is not the easiest stage in life. Although they are still your babies, we assure they don’t want to be treated this way.

Now that summer is officially in full swing you might be starting to run out of ideas to keep your tween busy! To further complicate things, around ages 11 or 12 your preteen will start to crave alone time and this can lead to the much anticipated phrase “Moooom…I’m bored!” They still like to go out and “play” however; they want their playtime to be “cool”

We are going to give you a couple of different activities you can plan to help keep your middle schooler from getting restless this summer!

Volunteer at an animal shelter

If your child is an animal lover this is a great activity! Pet shelters are always looking for volunteers to help feed, walk, and play with the animals that they house. This is a fun way for them to spend an entire day and also learn how volunteering and giving is very important.  If you are looking to adopt a pet this is a great way to get to know each pets temperament and if they will fit in well with your family.

During the summer the Humane Society hosts a series of different camps that your child can get involved in. For example, Camp Pet Pals gives your child the opportunity to play with the pets and do other games and crafts, while Camp Vet will teach your kids about being a veterinarian if that’s what they are interested in. Check out the website below for more camps, days, and times!

Humane Society


Camp out on your porch, deck or lawn

Is your family in need of some good ole fashioned family fun? Put down the cell phones and video games and pop up a ten on your own property. This is the perfect way to change up the regular bed time routine without giving up the comfort of your own home if needed.

First, gather up all of your authentic camping gear. Even though you are close to home, try and make this experience as real as possible! Second, start planning your night. You can play games, roast smore’s, look for stars, and tell ghost stories. The possibilities are endless!


Go swimming/to the beach

One of the greatest things about living in Michigan is our gorgeous lakes and beaches. Watch your pre-teens become kids again when you hand them a frisbee and send them into Lake Michigan!

Be sure to pack beach towels, sunscreen, and if you want to make a full day of it pack a fun lunch because your kids will be starving after a day of swimming and building things in the sand.


Hopefully this small list is something to get you started on your summer fun. Show us some of the fun ideas you’ve come up with to help ease the summertime by posting them to our Facebook!

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