4 Fun Activities for Father’s Day


Are you looking for Father’s Day ideas that will encourage parent-child bonding and create memories for the whole family? Grilling in the backyard or going to Dad’s favorite restaurant are enjoyable options, but consider thinking outside the box and doing something a bit more unique this year. The following are four Father’s Day activities that will bring everyone together and allow for a day full of laughter.

Go Fishing

Fishing may be an activity that Dad enjoys on his own, but has your entire family ever gone on a fishing trip together? This could be an exciting opportunity for Dad to pass his fishing knowledge and skills down to the next generation. He’ll love sharing something he is passionate about with the kids.

Head to a local fishing store the night before to stock up on basic poles and tackle for the kids, and then enjoy a day by the shore of a local lake or pond. When the day is over, grill your catch. Just make sure you have some burgers in the fridge as backups, since fishing is not always as productive when kids are involved.

Make Pizzas

If Dad loves spending time in the kitchen, then making pizzas together is the perfect Father’s Day idea. Buy some pre-made dough from your local grocery store, along with sauce, cheese, and a variety of veggies to use as toppings. (As a tooth-friendly tip, look for pizza sauces that are low in sugar; some contain far too much.)

Let each family member shape their dough into a circle and apply their toppings. Dad can oversee the baking process. A personal-size pizza should bake for between 15 and 18 minutes in a 400 degree F oven.

Visit a Local Historic Site

Is Dad a history buff? Visit a local historic site as a family to engage his interests and perhaps spark a similar interest in the kids. If you’re looking for Father’s Day ideas in Holland, Michigan, consider visiting Van Raalte Farm Park. Featuring a 1872 farmhouse, trails, and picnic shelters, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy history, a hike, and a picnic with the family.

Make Matching Shirts

Get artistic, and make matching shirts with Dad! All you really need are some plain t-shirts and fabric puff paint, which are readily available at most craft stores. Have each of the children make their own shirt, and then have them work together to create a custom shirt for Dad. Once the paint is dry, you can wear your matching shirts to lunch or dinner to celebrate.

Other Father’s Day Ideas

The secret to a great Father’s Day in the Holland, Michigan area is to get creative! You could work together as a family to build a fort in the backyard, make homemade ice cream (which is often lower in sugar and therefore better for your teeth than store-bought ice cream), or plant a garden. The important thing is that you’re having fun together as a family and honoring Dad’s love.


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