5 Steps to Make Your Dental Appointment More Efficient

5 Steps to Appointments Efficient

You just received a postcard, text message, or email reminding you of your upcoming dental appointment.

Typically, you would make sure to have it in your calendar and show up on time. However, if you really want to impress the staff and dentist follow these three tips below.


1. Update any health issues or changes

Before your appointment starts be sure to update the staff of any changes in your health history. Letting your dentist know if you have medical issues or have any other health changes before your appointment will help them better assess you during your appointment. Also let your dentist know if you have any dental pain or other oral health concerns, because if they know ahead of time they can prepare the tools they need to help diagnose any potential problems. Preparation for your appointment is key so the more information you can provide before the appointment starts the better.


2. Fill out paperwork ahead of time

We love when you do this! Not only is it helpful for us, it’s a huge time saver for you! If you’re a new patient call ahead and see if they have paperwork for you to fill out. A lot of offices will have them available either on their website for you to print and bring with you to the appointment or they will offer to mail them to you.


3. Update any personal information changes

It is extremely important to notify the reception staff of any changes to your information such as address, telephone number, email address and most importantly insurance updates. These are crucial as this is how your dental office gets ahold of you with any additional questions, appointment reminders, and to properly bill your insurance.


4. Make your next dentist appointment before leaving the office

It’s recommended to visit your dentist twice per year. To avoid forgetting to set up your next appointment ask the staff if you can set one up before you leave. This will ensure you get your desired time and day. Actually, most offices prefer you do this and by asking to do so you’ll make brownie points with the receptionist!


5. Consider any additional treatments

While you’re making you next appointment, make sure you keep in mind any additional work that you may want done such as sealants. This takes a little extra time so be sure to take that into consideration when setting up appointments. The idea is giving yourself extra time versus packing your daily schedule too tight.


Hopefully you’ve found the above tips to be helpful. You only visit the dentist twice per year so it’s really important to make the most out of each appointment!

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