5 Tips To Help Kids Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Tips To Help Kids Make New Year's Resolutions

The excitement of the holidays is over and that means motivation to keep new years resolutions might be too. Parents can help their kids stay motivated to keep their resolutions with these tips.

1. Set a Resolution Example

This is a great way to teach kids about long-term goal making, but if you give up after a month or two, it will show them that they can give up too. Kids learn a lot from their parents and pick up on things you didn’t realize you were teaching them.

2. Stay Positive About Your Resolutions

Staying positive about your resolutions as you work towards it is just another way you can set a good example for your kids. Even if there is a setback, staying positive teaches the same thing.

3. Keep Resolutions Reasonable

The resolutions and goals may look doable when you set them at the new year. But after the holiday break when work and school start up, it might be much harder than you thought. Maybe the resolutions are too big or extreme but rather than abandon them, you can reset your resolution and help your kids do the same.

4. Start Small and Build to Bigger Resolutions

Level up your kid’s resolutions by helping them maintain manageable steps. Getting in the habit of completing resolutions will help in the long run and make bigger goals easier to stick with.

5. Check up but Don’t Hound Resolutions

A visual reminder of your goals and their goals is a great way to keep everyone engaged. Stick it to the fridge, bathroom mirror, tv, something that stands out. Then you don’t have to ask them each day how it’s going, it’s there for everyone to see.


Keeping your resolutions and helping your kids keep their resolutions isn’t easy but these tips can keep everyone on track to make sure the resolutions make it to the end of the year. You can do it and so can your kids!

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