5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution


A New Year has started and with that comes the ever so commonly made New Year’s Resolution. It’s easy to make them amidst the joy and enthusiasm of the season, the not so easy part is sticking to them! Even harder, as a parent you’re more than likely trying to set an example for your child, so it’s even more important to meet your goals! It is very possible but it will take some work and determination to help form them into habits instead of hassles for you and your family.

We have created a list of 5 ways to help you meet those resolutions and stick with them all year long!


Make one change at a time

It is so much easier to meet and stick with your goals if you focus on one thing at a time rather than six. A lot of resolutions can actually impact your life and daily schedule in a major way. Pretend one of your goals is eating healthier and making better meals for your family, this will require learning new recipes, shopping for the meals, and cooking them. This would be a huge undertaking and getting used to it will be much easier if it is your only focus.


Pick your most realistic goal

Try not to set your standards too high. We know this is hard to do with the excitement of the New Year and the idea of a huge life change. Think long term and what you will most likely be able to achieve with your schedule. For example, you don’t see your friends or family as often as you would like. Smaller and simpler goals like this will be more attainable and rewarding in the long run.


Write them down/hang a picture

After you’ve picked your resolution write it down. Doing this makes a better connection in your brain and helps you to remember. Think of it as personal contract! Same goes with a picture. Hang it on your refrigerator or put it on your night stand so you constantly see it. As the old saying goes “out of sight out of mind” could not be any truer in this case. Visually keeping it in your sight will help to remind you of your goal.


Monkey see monkey do

If you are a parent you know that your child is looking to you as a role model. When they watch you reach your goals it motivates them to reach theirs. For example, if your child watches you diligently brush your teeth two times per day they are more likely to brush theirs twice a day. It’s good motivation for them and for you!



Last but certainly not least is to celebrate! Each milestone you reach whether it’s big or small is helping you reach your long term goal. Make sure to keep your celebrating within you resolution goals, you don’t want to stray too far off the path!


According to statisticbrain.com 45% of American’s usually make some sort of New Year’s resolution and only 8% are successful at keeping them. Stay strong and stick to your plan for yourself and your family!

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