7 Tips to Lower Kids Sugar Intake

7 Tips to Lower Kids Sugar Intake

Sugar seems to be in everything, especially the foods that kids want. We can reduce the sugar intake though!

Not long ago, we talked about Ways to Help Prevent Cavities and these 7 tips will help with that too.

1. Stick to Water

It’s hard to drink sugary drinks when water is your first choice.  Water helps to clear away any sugar or acid that gets stuck in your teeth too.

2. Have a Colorful Plate

Children and adults should eat multiple servings of produce per day such as apples, carrots, broccoli, bananas, and peppers. Whole fruit and vegetables contain water and fiber, which will help kids to feel full. It’s easier to keep from eating candy when you’re full.

3. Have Healthy Snacks Ready

Have snacks that are easy and ready to grab and go. Chopped carrots or apple slices can make that quick snack not feel like a chore.

4. Stay Away From Processed Foods

There is no reason to eliminate sweet treats altogether, it’s all about moderation and having options. Meal planning can help make this easier.

5. Plan Meals Ahead

When meals and snacks are planned, the impulse to find something quick, easy and usually unhealthy is defeated. Having easy back up options planned is always helpful for those days that something comes up.

6. Cook More, Eat Out Less

Baking at home allows you to use less sugar or even replace it with applesauce or other low-sugar alternatives. Look for sugar-free or low-sugar recipes online.

7. Eat Healthy Together

Eating together can reaffirm that healthy food is important for your kids by showing adults eat the same things and want to be healthy.

Yes, sugar is in many foods but we can limit it by following some of these tips. Even using one of these tips can reduce the sugar intake for kids.

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