Back to School!

Back to School

Starting a new school year can be a source of great excitement and it can also cause a great amount of stress. After months of relaxing and following a less structured schedule it’s time to ease back into a more set routine to ensure a good start to the new school year.

For adults going with the flow is something that many of us have adapted to, for children having a predicted routine will give them a sense of security. We are going to give you a few tips and suggestions to help ease back into a scheduled routine with as less stress as possible.

Bed time and wake up routine

This will be one of the toughest summertime habits to break so beware. For bedtime it’s best to have a desired time in mind and work your way up to that. For example, if summer bed time is 9:00 and your goal is 8:30, gradually move it up 10 minutes earlier each night. If you do the same thing in the morning it will help ward off unwanted grumpiness.

Well balanced breakfast

Getting everyone ready in the morning can be a bit hectic. Finding missing socks, quickly doing last minute homework, and making sure everyone eats a healthy and balanced breakfast. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit down every morning and have a huge breakfast, sometimes on the go breakfasts are much better.

Try some of these easy make ahead recipes to help simplify your crazy morning!

Almond Cereal Bars

These are sure to please your kids with the natural sweet taste of honey and are packed with whole grains!

Almond Cereal bars – Recipe Here!

Banana Oat Muffins

Muffins are such an easy thing to make and the best part is you can freeze them for up to two weeks!

Banana Oat Muffins – Recipe Here!

Cherry Oat Scone

These delicious breakfast treats are packed with fiber to keep your kids full until lunch time!

Cherry Oat Scone – Recipe Here!

Brush and Floss those pearly whites!

You knew we were going to throw this in there! As your lives are starting to get more hectic with school and sports, brushing, flossing, and taking care of those teeth are so important. Make this a solid part of your morning and nighttime routines and make it fun! Throw in some small prizes or visits to their favorite places if they do a good job.

Afterschool Chart

During the summer there is plenty of time to get chores done and there’s no homework. During the school year you only have three hours to accomplish these things and you still have to eat dinner. To help simplify things make a chart, this way each child knows what is expected of them each night. Check out Pinterest for some fun ideas if you want to make one!

Hopefully our suggestions have helped and given you some good ideas for a fresh new school year!


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