5 Tips To Help Kids Keep New Year’s Resolutions

The excitement of the holidays is over and that means motivation to keep new years resolutions might be too. Parents can help their kids stay motivated to keep their resolutions with these tips. 1. Set a Resolution Example This is a great way to teach kids about...

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14 Toothbrushing Mistakes: Part 1

Do you diligently brush your teeth two times a day? There is a good chance that the way you’ve been brushing your teeth all these years could be wrong! In this two part series we will be giving you some pointers and tips on how to brush better and keep those pearly...

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Spring Recipes to Make With Your Kids

Bring Back Spring with These Simple Recipes to Make With Your Kids It's Michigan and it's cold! It's easy to load up on comfort food this time of the year but you don't to. You can make it spring again for the whole family by making some spring weather food with your...

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7 Free or Cheap Activities for Christmas

It's almost Christmas! We've put together some simple, easy, and fun activities for you and your family to do together. They are great for the days off of work and school. 1. Holiday Bingo Play just for fun or have small prizes to hand out. Pack it away and save it...

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10 Signs that Your Baby is Teething (Part 2)

Each baby is unique and teeth at different times. Usually Some teeth come through as early as 3 months or as late as 14 months. Be ready by knowing some of the signs of teething by reading the next 5 signs below. Read teething signs 1-5 if you missed part 1. 6....

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10 Signs that Your Baby is Teething (Part 1)

Each baby differently and at different times. Some teeth can come through as early as 3 months or as late as 14 months. Teething starts 2-3 months before they actually poke through so knowing when your baby is teething can be tough to spot. Be ready by knowing some of...

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