5 Times to Avoid Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth thoroughly twice a day is essential for good dental health. Chances are, you remind your child to brush daily — and your own dentist may even tell you to brush more often. Surprisingly, this does not mean brushing your teeth is always the right...

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Does Juice Cause Cavities?

Sugary drinks and tooth decay is a hot topic — but there's an elephant in the room, and it's name is "juice." Juice is often seen as a healthy drink because it's made from fruit. However, giving your kids too much juice actually increases their risk of cavities....

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How Important are Baby Teeth to my Child?

The baby teeth first appear when your child is between six and 12 months of age, and they start falling out around the age of five or six. Since these teeth are only around for a short time, it's common for parents to question their importance. However, baby teeth...

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