Calming Dental Visit Jitters 101

Calming Dental Visit Jitters 101

Whether it’s your child’s first or their 25th visit, they might get anxious going to the dentist. They may dread going and a little jittery when they’re in the dental chair.

You can prepare your child for their dental visits and make all future dental visits less anxiety filled. Here are some simple but helpful ways to calm dental visit jitters.

First, Why Is My Child Afraid of The Dentist?

Almost 20% of school age children are afraid of visiting the dentist according to Dentistry Today.

  • Obstructed Breathing
  • Powerlessness
  • Pain
  • Fear by Proxy

You can learn more about your Child’s Fear of the Dentist in Ease Your Child’s Dental Anxiety.

Calming Dental Visit Jitters

There are plenty of ways to help ease your child’s dental jitters, some are easy and some take a little bit more time but are well worth it.

Give Your Child a Sneak Preview

Take your child with you for your next checkup to see you having your teeth examined and cleaned.

Give Them as Much Information as Possible

Children, especially ones with anxiety, tend to do better when they’ve got a sense of predictability. They are more likely to tolerate a procedure when they have been told in advance what to expect.

Parents can help with this by describing what will take place and also what sensations the child might experience.

  • What type of noises they might hear.
  • What type of vibrations they might feel.
  • What they might taste.

Pretend Dentists Visit (Practice)

Take turns being the dentist and the patient with your child.

Examine each other’s teeth with a mirror or use your fingers to count each other’s teeth so that your child will be familiar with the feel of a dentist examination.

Having a fun and friendly environment can help reduce anxiety. Learn more about the difference between Family Dentist vs. Pediatric Dentist.

Timing Is Key

Plan plenty of time so that the dental visit isn’t rushed, and make sure your child is well-rested before the visit so that he or she feels relaxed and comfortable.

When you’re calm and relaxed going to their dentist visit, they’re more likely too be as well.


It’s natural to be a little jittery or worried about going to the dentist for children but you can help ease their worry and help them build a healthy oral habit!

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