Holland Students Create Website about Holland History in WWI

WWII image for Holland student's website

Three students from Hope College went elbow deep into history books to do research on WWI and the city of Holland and what they found is pretty cool.

With Holland being such a small town one would think there’s not much information to be had but according to senior Natalie Faulk that’s far from the truth.

“However, we found so many stories and accounts of events going on at the time that the amount of information sometimes even felt a little overwhelming. Holland was so active as a community during this period in what it was trying to do to help the war effort and in changes going on in society that we could have spent much more time researching it.”

Holland Michigan WWII

What these girls found about Hollands history is fascinating and makes us proud to be part of this amazing town where we work and live.

Check out the full article below for pictures and more of their research. Holland During WWI

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