How to Get Your Kids to Floss

dental floss

It’s tough for kids to remember to floss, especially if brushing their teeth isn’t a habit yet.

Flossing is important to keep mouths cavity free and help prevent Gingivitis.

Continuing with National Children’s Dental Health Month and the slogan this year of “Brush and clean in between to build a healthy smile”, we are wrapping up the celebration with the “cleaning in between” …flossing!

Now, how can you get your kids to floss?

Make It Fun

Use that curiosity to your advantage, kids love to look in their mouths. Help your children learn to count their teeth while flossing. Since little kids have 20 teeth in their mouths, flossing can help them learn to count up to what sounds like a huge number to them.

Get Them Their Own Tools

The ADA recommends using an 18-inch piece of floss wound around your two middle fingers through your teeth, then gently guiding it between your teeth.

Floss picks work too and getting them in the habit of flossing can be a little easier.

Positive Reinforcement

It takes time and encouragement so let them know they’re doing a great job even if they still need to master the flossing technique.

Doing it everyday deserves some acknowledgment. After all, how many adults do you think floss everyday?

Set an Example

Take some time and show them exactly how it’s done.

We talked about this in Getting Your Child to Care About Their Teeth.

Chart Their Progress

Having a flossing chart in the bathroom is a great reminder for kids to floss at least once a day.

Lead by example and check it off when you floss too, give everyone in the family a color or their own checkbox.


Ask us about how important flossing is on your child’s next visit.

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