It’s Christmas!

Port Pediatric Dentistry
Christmas time

Celebrating With Family

The Holidays are here and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s that magical time of the year where everything is decorated and dusted with snow, not to mention the carolers, ginger bread house, baking, the list could go on and on! It’s the time of year to reflect and be grateful for all you have and feel all the feelings of the Holidays!

Christmas Parties

Every year around Christmas time we take a break, a break to spend time with our families and recharge for the upcoming year. However, before we go we celebrate one last time as a team for the year! Typically this involves lunch or dinner, secret Santa gift exchanges, and a good time. But one thing that always seems to happen whether we mean to or not is reflecting on the year we had. Some stories have us rolling in laughter, and others can make us really stop and think. It makes us take a step back and realize how grateful we are, grateful for each other, our families, our jobs, patients, parents; this list could also go on and on.

Family Tradition

Everyone’s definition of the Holiday season is unique, but most of us have on thing in common and that’s some sort of tradition we like to uphold. Whether that tradition is a family game, or maybe volunteering somewhere, all traditions are different and special in their own way. Around our office that tradition is a gift that Dr. Port gives us each year, that gift is a new Christmas ornament. They are so special and unique and as the years go by it’s fun to see the collection that remains.

Looking Ahead

After the Holidays are over we all come back to work to start the New Year with new goals and a new outlook. This Holiday season we encourage you to spend some quality time with Friends and Family and experience all the good things this time of the year has to offer!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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