Mouthguard Protection For Kids



Now that sports are in full swing for the school year it is so important to make sure those beautiful teeth your children have are well protected. Custom mouthguards are great for all sports and help shield the teeth and gums from injury.

Does a custom mouthguard really provide better protection than store bought?

The answer is YES. You can find store bought mouthguards just about anywhere but some styles do not provide the kind of protection that the teeth and gums need. Some store bought mouthguards can be boiled and “customized” but still don’t fit well and you end up risking injury. A custom mouthguard from your child’s dentist is fabricated by taking an exact impression of the teeth. That impression is then poured into a stone model and a perfect fitting mouthguard is then created. This means that the appliance will cover the teeth and gums and prevent any injury if trauma occurs.

When does my child need to wear a mouthguard?

Often times mouthguards only get thought of during high contact sports such as football or hockey; however any sport can lead to dental injury. It is important to have your child wearing a mouthguard for all sports and activities where the risks of injury to the face or mouth are possible.

How do I handle dental trauma?

In case of a dental trauma it is advised to contact your child’s dental office. Every case is different but it is best for dentist to be able to assess the injury first hand so proper treatment can be administered.


Please contact our office if you have any questions or emergencies, we are here to help.

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