Summer Activities for Your High Schooler


Summer is a great time for students to take a moment to relax and enjoy some sunshine. However, if you have a high schooler on your hands it’s a great time to prepare for the future. Planning ahead will help them in the long run and teach them responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.

Below we are going to give you some activities to encourage your High Schooler to achieve this summer.



It’s very common for high schoolers to get a job over the summer. Having a job can teach them responsibility of managing money, being on time, and hard work. This is also a great way for them to gain work experience that can be added to a resume and college applications. Many summer time jobs are part-time which is common but you can find some full time jobs you just have to do some looking.



During the summer there is no shortage of volunteer work in your local community. There are plenty of organizations that get really busy during the summer and would love an extra hand or two to help get by. This is a great time for your high schooler to become a leader and role model for younger children by helping lead a sports camp or teaching music lessons. Check your local volunteer centers such as Boys and Girls Club, Humane society, or Holland Rescue Mission.


Take Classes

We know, classes don’t sound fun however, it is a really good way to prepare for college. Some student’s may take summer courses because they didn’t have time to during the school year or they need to improve their grades. Either way this is very smart as Colleges not only like to see what you are up during to school year but like to see how you spend your free time as well.


Learn a New Skill

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but have never had enough time to do so? Summer is a great time to explore your creative side and improve on new skills. The options are endless! Always wanted to learn to paint? Carolyn Stich Studio located in Downtown Holland teaches private and group painting classes for all ages.

Carolyn Stitch Studios

How about Karate? Fabiano’s Karate and PKSA Karate in Holland both have excellent ratings in teaching self-defense and building confidence in their students as they succeed.


Cool off with water!

It’s summer in Michigan and that means the weather is warm and perfect for a good swim! We are surrounded by five beautiful great lakes (although we are pretty partial in thinking Lake Michigan is the best) Grab a good book and some sunscreen and enjoy all that this gorgeous state we live in has to offer.


Summer doesn’t have to be boring if you have a list of things to keep you busy. Hopefully our list has been helpful!

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