Super Bowl Games for Kids

Superbowl games

As adults we love the Super Bowl. It’s a time to make all of the fun football dishes, get together with friends, and enjoy the game and those great commercials!


Games for Kids

As kids it can get boring, confusing, and be unexciting. We have a few games that are a piece of cake to organize; you might even find some of the adults joining in on the fun!


Pass the Helmet

This game is the football version of musical chairs.

Start by filling a football helmet with little trinkets, such as NFL stickers, pencils, and mini erasers. Gather the kids into a circle and have the pass the helmet around as the music plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the helmet get to pick a prize! Start up the music again and have them continue passing until all of the prizes are gone.

If you have older kids you can use age appropriate prizes or money.


Halftime Bingo

If the halftime show is not your thing or if you find it boring, why not shake things up and start a game of halftime bingo.

Find a blank bingo game board online and replace the “bingo” with “super”. You can also decorate the middle spot with football picture, be sure to leave the rest of the squares blank.

You can either fill in the spots with things you expect to see during halftime or pass out the sheets during the first half of the game and have the kids write in things they expect to see during halftime, examples: cheerleaders, musical performances, Doritos commercials, etc.. As the things they have written down start to happen, have the kids mark off the according boxes. When the player gets five in a row have them shout out “super!” Winner gets a prize of your choice.


Put on a half time show

If the kids are bored with the halftime show, let them put on a show of their own. Go shopping for an array of fun and inexpensive props and costumes. Give them the first half of the game to come up with a routine and rehearse.

Last but not least let them pick out a song to dance too and watch the creativity flow!


Pin the football on the goal post

This activity is pretty simple to make. Cut out pieces of paper to create a large goal post, attach it to an empty wall. Cut out miniature footballs and apply tape to the back of each.

Blindfold each contender, spin them around and direct them to the wall.

Whichever player gets their football closes to the middle of the goal post wins!


We encourage you to try some of these games! It will keep everyone entertained, especially those who don’t love football!

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