Tips to Stop Easter Candy Cavity

Easter Bunny Candy

$2.26 Billion of Easter Candy Bought

87% of parents will buy or make Easter baskets for their children—and 81% will then proceed to steal candy from them according to

That’s a lot of candy! Keep your kid’s (and your) teeth cavity free this Easter.

Easter is on Sunday, April 21 for 2019.


History of Easter Candy

Easter is a major candy holiday, lagging behind only Halloween in sales volume. It wasn’t always so. While the other dishes that adorn the Easter table and filled Easter baskets—spring lamb, dyed eggs, and hot cross buns—all trace their origins to the pagan spring festivals of ancient times, candy is a newcomer, dating back just to the 1800s, when European candy-makers first started hand-crafting chocolate eggs for the holiday. Candy eggs were wildly popular, and by the late 1800s, fine candy makers in major U.S. cities were offering chocolate eggs both hollow and filled, jelly eggs, and exquisite panorama eggs of sugar, icing, and paper for the Easter holiday.

Alright, enough history. Lets learn how to prevent those cavities.


Tips to Preventing Easter Cavities

Easter might be one of the country’s favorite holidays, but it can wreak havoc on your children’s teeth.  Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to minimize the impact on your teeth.

  • Limit chocolates and chewy treats to meal times. The more time that sugars stay on the teeth, the more time it has to eat at the enamel. Crunchy foods like vegetables and apples stimulate saliva, which will help to wash the sugar away.
  • Have your child drink water after eating candies, as the water washes sugar away before it can lead to bacteria and enamel damage.
  • Maintain regular brushing and flossing, at least twice per day, and keep up with twice-yearly dental cleanings.
  • Start a new Easter tradition. Substitute candies and chocolates with another type of treat, perhaps movie tickets or a video game. If your child won’t do without candy, try sugar-free varieties when possible.

Your kids and you will most likely have candy on Easter, enjoy it! Just remember to take care of your teeth to stop cavities.

Happy Easter!

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