Top 4 Reasons your Teeth Love Thanksgiving

Top 4 Reasons your Teeth Love Thanksgiving


It’s no secret that Americans love Thanksgiving! Everything from your brain to your stomach adores this special holiday, including your teeth. While the food is pouring out over the dinner table so are the smiles. Here are the top four reasons why your teeth love Thanksgiving just as much as you do.



Let’s start with recognizing the center of the Thanksgiving table, the turkey. This delicious holiday bird is packed with protein and as you know protein is great for your body. What you may not know is turkey has sufficient levels of phosphorous and when combined with vitamin D and calcium it aids in strong bones and teeth. So eat as much turkey as you want, it’s good for you and will aid in a fantastic nap.



Dairy is one of the main ingredients to mashed potatoes (besides potatoes) and is America’s other favorite dish at Thanksgiving.  Dairy is a great source of calcium which aids in strong and healthy teeth and bones.



We all know eating vegetables is good for you and at Thanksgiving there is no shortage of vegetable side dishes. Vegetables contain fiber which is great for saliva flow. Saliva acts a great defense against cavities by helping to wash away acids that can build up on your teeth. Some great alternative to the traditional brown sugar coated carrots are balsamic carrots Click here for recipe, or oven roasted asparagus Click here for recipe



Pumpkins not only make beautiful fall decorations, they’re also good for your teeth! They are filled with fiber, potassium, and Vitamin A which your enamel loves. Every part of the pumpkin is good for your teeth all the way down to the seeds which make a fanatically delicious snack Click here for recipe

Keep in mind that moderation is best even at Thanksgiving. We wish all of you the most wonderful time with your family and friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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