Your Baby’s First Teeth

Your baby's first teeth

Your child’s baby teeth are very important and play a huge role in them being able to chew and speak normally. Baby teeth also hold a space in their jaw for adult teeth to one day fill in.

Generally, a baby’s teeth start to erupt around six months old. By the age of three years old, the majority of children will have a full set of twenty baby teeth. As your child grows, these teeth will begin to fall out and be replaced by adult teeth. By the time children are teenagers, they usually have all of their adult teeth.

Below is a tooth development chart. It gives the name of the tooth and also shows typically when they come in, and when they are lost. Keep in mind every child is different, so some may get these teeth sooner or later than others.

Tooth chart

Tell your pediatric dentist if you see something out of the ordinary, the earlier the better.

Updated: August 22, 2018

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