10 Fun Ways to Give

10 Fun Ways to Give

Most people think of giving around the holiday season. The truth is, giving can be done all year round you just have to find fun and different ways of doing it.

Kids’ Food Basket

They came up with ten different and unique ways your family, friends, and coworkers can contribute to help kids receive the nutrition they need each day.

Kids Food Basket

This charity does amazing things throughout the whole year to make sure kid’s needs are met.

Our favorite is Fill – a -Bag. This is something your whole family can do and have fun with. It really makes you feel more connected to the kids you’re supporting. Knowing you’re giving a child a nutritious dinner that they would otherwise not receive is worth a million dollars.

“There are many ways to donate a combination of money, food and time to Kids’ Food Basket-and each contribution adds up!”

Any way you can help is appreciated!

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