What Happens If Your Children Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep?

What Happens If Your Children Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep?

When it comes to kids, just how important is a regularly scheduled bedtime? Whether or not your child gets enough hours of sleep each night affects them in more ways than you might think. Helping your children to get better sleep can improve their health and their mindset.

“Regular sleep deprivation often leads to some pretty difficult behaviors and health problems—irritability, difficulty concentrating, hypertension, obesity, headaches, and depression. Children who get enough sleep have a healthier immune system, and better school performance, behavior, memory, and mental health.”

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Children

Children who regularly suffer from sleep deprivation often develop ongoing behavioral problems. You may find that your child becomes irritable and cranky, has trouble concentrating, and seems down or depressed. Clearly, this has a negative impact on children’s performance in school and on their ability to learn and retain new information.

A lack of sleep can also contribute to health problems in children. Children who don’t get enough sleep may have a weaker immune system, leaving them prone to colds and the flu — and even increasing their risk of oral health problems like gum disease. Headaches, obesity, and hypertension can all be related to a lack of sleep, too.

Sleep Is a Major Health Concern

Your child’s sleep habits determine more than whether they’re going to be crabby the next day. An effective amount of sleep is essential for your kids to function and do their very best. It’s not just about how they act, though. It’s about how they feel. Getting enough sleep is just as important to their health as eating a healthy diet and exercising. Their health doesn’t end at bedtime, and neither does yours.

Teaching good sleep habits early on will help your child maintain those sleep habits throughout his or her lifetime. Good sleep is important for ongoing mental and physical health, whether you’re 8 or 80 years old.

To learn more about how to make sure your whole family is getting enough sleep, refer to Healthy Sleep Habits: How Many Hours Does Your Child Need?

End of School Year Guide Parents

End of School Year Guide Parents

It’s almost summer, well summer vacation kids! It’s an exciting time of the year with a ton going on.

With so much to think about in the spring and summer, including family vacations and summer camps, it’s easy to get overwhelmed—but an end-of-year checklist can provide a valuable planning tool to help you organize and prioritize your family activities for the coming months.

Learning Liftoff created a great checklist which you can easily adapt to your own family’s lifestyle.

It breaks it down into a few different checklists:

  • End-of-School Checklist
  • Health Checklist
  • Summer Planning Checklist

One of our favorite items to check off is “Make doctor and dentist appointments for your children” It’s a great time of the year to have appointments scheduled right before school starts back up so the kids miss less school.

Read the full list at LearningLiftoff.com.

The Healthy Smile Diet

The Healthy Smile Diet

There is real science to why sugar is bad for your teeth.

Sugar might be the most damaging thing of all. It combines with bacteria inside your mouth to make acid. And that acid is where the real problem lies. It attacks your teeth. And those attacks weaken the tooth enamel. And that can lead to cavities, tooth decay, and sometimes even gum disease.

There are some simple Do’s and Dont’s on Smile Michigan’s quick article about A Smile-Healthy Diet.

See who scores better, you or you kids. Try this list with the rest of your family.

Read about the Smile-Healthy Diet on Smile Michigan.

Top 10 Facts About Children’s Oral Health

Top 10 Facts About Children’s Oral Health

How much do you know about your children’s oral health?

Test what you know and learn a couple of things that will help keep your kid’s smile big and healthy.

4. Tooth decay is by far the most common oral childhood disease. It is five times more common in children than asthma. It is also one of the most preventable diseases.


  1. What age do baby teeth begin to fall out around?
  2. At what age do baby teeth stop falling out?

See all of the facts on Smile Michigan.

Foods That Are Worse for Your Teeth Than Candy

Foods That Are Worse for Your Teeth Than Candy

We often think of candy as the most unhealthy junk food but there are others that are actually worse for teeth.

We found a list of from Reader’s Digest that may shock you. Some of these are indeed healthy for you but bad for your teeth.

Unhealthy foods that may surprise you.

  • Dried fruit
  • Bottled water
    • Find out why in the in the article
  • Yogurt
  • Gummy vitamins

Remember: Gummy vitamins or fiber supplements are still essentially a piece of candy. They contain sugar and are also squishy and sticky, which makes it easy for them to get stuck in your teeth and cause cavities.

Healthy for your kids, bad for their teeth.

Some of these your kids probably have daily. Some you probably have daily.

Check out the full list from Readers Digest for 14 Foods That Are Worse for Your Teeth Than Candy.

Apps to Make Your Kids Love Brushing Their Teeth!

Apps to Make Your Kids Love Brushing Their Teeth!

Brushing your teeth twice a daily is something most adults without thinking but for children it can be a hard habit to form.

How do you make it fun for them and teach them a habit?

“There is a app for that”

Yes, there is an app for most things and there are some made just for kids brushing their teeth.

Here are a few free apps that can help your kids brush for the full 2 minutes and make it fun.

Brush DJ

If your child is a music lover then they will love this app which plays 2 minutes of music from your phone or tablet to encourage proper brushing. Make a playlist of your kid’s favorite songs and he or she will love to jam out to the music while brushing. This app also will remind your child about dentist appointments and replacing their toothbrush. It will teach your child how to reach every tooth when brushing through kid-friendly videos and a brushing timer.

‎Brush DJ is available on iOS and Android.

‎Brush Teeth With Momo

You follow along with a character named Momo as he brushes his teeth. You can pick the toothpaste and toothbrush he is using and you earn points that can be used to get Momo food, clothes or toys. This app allows your child to brush their teeth either on their own or with mom or dad.

‎Brush Teeth With Momo is available on iOS.


For the ones who love monsters! Your children get to brush their teeth with Little monsters. Then the characters will help guide your child through the brushing, singing and setting a timer for the recommended two minutes of brushing.

‎Brusheez is available on iOS.

Toothbrush Timer

This is a simple app the keeps track of how long to brush your teeth but also indicates which part of the mouth to brush using a picture, and when to switch parts using a sound. Adults could use this one too!

Toothbrush Timer is available on Android.


Try these apps out and see how much of a difference it really make for your kids oral health!