10 Fun Ways to Give

10 Fun Ways to Give

Most people think of giving around the holiday season. The truth is, giving can be done all year round you just have to find fun and different ways of doing it.

Kids’ Food Basket

They came up with ten different and unique ways your family, friends, and coworkers can contribute to help kids receive the nutrition they need each day.

Kids Food Basket

This charity does amazing things throughout the whole year to make sure kid’s needs are met.

Our favorite is Fill – a -Bag. This is something your whole family can do and have fun with. It really makes you feel more connected to the kids you’re supporting. Knowing you’re giving a child a nutritious dinner that they would otherwise not receive is worth a million dollars.

“There are many ways to donate a combination of money, food and time to Kids’ Food Basket-and each contribution adds up!”

Any way you can help is appreciated!

Local Teen Sets World Record

Local Teen Sets World Record

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to set a world record? Back in the days of being a kid plenty of children dreamed about the possibility of being a world record holder, but for one Holland-based teenager, that dream came true.

“Ian Krueger, an 8th grader at Macatawa Bay Middle School, is the new world record holder for the average solve time for the Redi Cube, which is similar to a Rubik’s Cube. Krueger also holds the second fastest solve time recorded in a competition for the Redi Cube.”

Plans for the Future

Krueger hasn’t stopped there though. He still practices, participates in a local club, and hopes for a future where he can travel the world competing in Redi Cube competitions and participating in promotions. He hopes the community recognizes his accomplishment as a world record holder. He was surprised at his own skill but is now inspired to keep going and never limit himself.

To learn more about Ian Krueger and the Redi Cube refer to Holland teen sets Rubik’s Cube world record.

Holland High Graduate Secures Spot With Red Wings

Holland High Graduate Secures Spot With Red Wings

One dream just came true in Holland, Michigan. West Michigan native, Luke Witkowski won a spot on the legendary team of NHL’s Detroit Red Wings.

“He signed with Detroit on July 1, a two-year deal worth $750,000, after spending the last three seasons with the Tampa Bay Lightning.”

Back to Where It All Began

It was always Witokowski’s dream to end up back in Michigan playing hockey for his home state’s team. While players can flock from all over the country as well as outside of the U.S. it’s particularly special when a player can bring home state pride to a team. As one of the original National Hockey League teams, here’s hoping Luke Witkowski can bring some of Red Wing’s former glory back to the state and secure Michigan a Stanley cup in the future.

To learn more about Luke Witkowski’s rise to the Red Wings refer to Holland native Luke Witkowski battling for spot on Red Wings.

Cardiovascular Problems Linked to High Carb Diets

Cardiovascular Problems Linked to High Carb Diets

A recent study conducted on diet in relation to mortality and cardiovascular disease is an eye-opener for so many Americans.

“Topline takeaways from the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology study (PURE), also published in The Lancet, were that high carbohydrate diets lead to higher mortality rates, while fats don’t seem to have much of an impact on cardiovascular problems.”

You Can’t Rely On Carbs

The study also found that many of its participants were getting most of their daily calories from carbs. While many diets suggest swapping fats for carbs, this study proved that’s not necessarily “healthy.” So many rely on carbs to feel full, but in the long run, those carbs may just be the death of you. The study proved once again that what you eat has a direct effect on how long you live as well as the quality of life you live. No matter what, a healthy diet and regular exercise routine should be a priority in your life.

To learn more about the findings of this study refer to By the Numbers: PURE on Impact of Diet.

The Future Is Near: Tooth Decay Vaccine Is On the Way

The Future Is Near: Tooth Decay Vaccine Is On the Way

Vaccines have helped cure diseases and keep illnesses from spreading, and now a new vaccine may be able to help us all fight the battle of tooth decay.

“The vaccine acts against Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that cause tooth decay. In the mouth, these bacteria break down food remains and produce lactic acid. This acid dissolves enamel (the hard, outer layer portion of the teeth), leading to cavities.”

Don’t Start Neglecting Your Teeth

Developed by Chinese researchers, this vaccine could help so many children and adults from suffering tooth decay. While this medical advancement would be an amazing addition to creating a world full of beautiful smiles, regular dental hygiene should not be thrown by the wayside. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing, and regular visits to your dentist should remain part of your regular routine. After all, while the vaccine might fight tooth decay, it cannot permanently eradicate bad breath nor can it prevent food from getting stuck between your teeth.

To learn more about the development of the tooth decay vaccine refer to Tooth Decay May Soon Be a Thing of the Past.

Cheap and Unhealthy Lunches Marketed Towards Kids

Cheap and Unhealthy Lunches Marketed Towards Kids


Sometimes it’s hard as a parent to provide your child with healthy food all of them time. Life gets busy and sometimes you hand your child a bag of chips instead of a yogurt or apple. However, it is tempting to buy cheaper and unhealthier foods as they’re being shown everywhere you look.

We found this article exposing how brands are marketing really cheap and unhealthy foods to children causing conflict between the child and their parents.

Unhealthy foods marketed towards kids

 “When I’m counselling parents and children and youth around weight issues, recommending to the family that they not bring junk food into the house … I’ve had numerous occasions where children will break down in tears or they’ll stomp out of the office and say they won’t do this. It does set up conflicts.”


School Lunch Programs

We understand that it can be tough and costly to buy healthy food items all of the time however, it’s a great idea to look into your child’s school programs. Some schools offer different lunch time programs that can help.

If buying healthier foods for your child causes conflict, speak with their pediatrician about ways to slowly start incorporating good foods into their diet.