10-Year-Old Strives to Keep the Less Fortunate Warm This Winter

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A ten-year-old girl, one Lucy Crouse, is proving that it doesn’t matter what age you are when it comes to making a difference in the world.

“Earlier this month, Lucy and her mom dropped off a couple dozen quilts Lucy made for clients in the nonprofit Second Step Housing program. The delivery brought Lucy’s total blanket donation for the year to 105.”

Lucy’s Mission

Lucy is helping to keep the homeless, less fortunate, and poverty-stricken populations warm this winter season. As the temperature drops, so many unfortunate souls wonder if they can make it through the night. Staying warm is essential to staying alive and this little girl isn’t taking her warmth for granted. In fact, she’s spreading it. She’s doing all she can to help those in need while setting an example for all people, young and old, to follow.

To learn more about Lucy’s efforts refer to Selfless 10-year-old sews quilts to help homeless.

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