14 Family Traditions to Start Today!

14 family Traditions to Start Today

Tradition is the back bone of every Holiday. Whether you’re young or old you have some sort of fun or quirky tradition that you want to pass down to your children someday.

If you’re looking to add some new traditions into your holiday mix, look no more! We found this cool website with fourteen ideas that you may not have thought of before!

Family Tradtions

Our favorite is going holiday light seeing and the only thing this cost you is gas to get there. Christmas lights give you a warm feeling and a sense of excitement for all of the upcoming activities.

“Whether your house is aglow in holiday lights or you prefer to let others do the outdoor decorating, pick a night where you all pack in the car and drive around to see the dazzling displays in your neighborhood.“

Your little ones may fall asleep on while on this journey but what a fun way to do so!

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