4 Family Friendly Restaurants in Holland

List of Holland MI restaurants

Are you looking for some delicious alternatives to the same chain restaurants you’ve been eating at for years? We have you covered with a list of Holland’s five best hidden restaurants. Whether you’re new to Holland, just visiting, or need a change of pace, these places are sure to get your mouth watering and keep you coming back for more!

Goog’s Pub & Grub

If you’re looking for an out of this world burger restaurant you need to go to Goog’s. With 25 different varieties of burgers on their menu you are bound to find one to satisfy your taste buds! They have everything from the classic Patty Melt to crazy combos such as the Fred which includes: Peanut Butter and Raw Onions. If none of these burgers sound good they encourage you to make your own! If they like your combination it just may get added to the menu.

Goog’s has been in business since 2005 and is owned by Navy Veteran Brad “Goog” White. The burgers here are so good that they have been voted Best Burger in West Michigan 9 years in a row! That is a huge accomplishment and well deserved!

De Boer Bakkerij

If you’re in search of the world’s best (yes we’re partial) breakfast look no further than de Boer Bakkerij. They are known for their home-style cooked to order breakfast seven days a week, but our hands down favorite is the fresh, daily made donuts. They have a wide array from your classic apple fritter to the bacon maple donut.

The de Boer family originates from the Netherlands and migrated here in 1956 bringing with them art form of baking artisan breads and beautiful pasteries. Today, Jakob de Boer (4th generation) and his sons continue to make mouths water on the North side of Holland.

On your next trip in make sure to stop by this iconic restaurant, you will definitely find something on their menu to fall in love with!

Sluggo’s Pizzeria 

Oh how we love a good pizza! But sometimes it can be hard to find a good place that uses real ingredients. If you’re looking for the best, take your family to Sluggo’s. This quaint little pizzeria has a wide selection of gourmet pizzas, subs, salads and breadstix (purposely spelled with an x). This pizzeria does it the right way using Grande Cheese on all of their pizzas and only the finest fresh tomatoes to make their sauce with a special recipe from a family friend/chef in Italy.

Dine in, eat out, or have them deliver. Any which way Sluggo’s knows how to make a good pizza!

Windmill Restaurant

If you enjoy grabbing a good ole fashioned Dutch breakfast or lunch and taking a stroll afterwards to window shop, we’ve found the place for you! Windmill Restaurant located in the heart of downtown Holland is a favorite amongst West Michigan residents and has been for years.

Since the 1940’s the restaurant has had many different names and owners, and for the last two decades Terry McMurry and his family have been perfecting their recipes for all of Holland to enjoy. Known for their hash brown  omelet and homemade bread (which is to die for) you are sure to find craving here. Serving breakfast and lunch until 4pm makes it perfect timing for a quick shopping trip downtown Holland!


All of these restaurants are family based and will make you feel a part of theirs from the moment you walk in! Grab the kids and head out for a fun change of pace.

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