4 Fun Holiday Treats for Kids with Braces

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4 Treats for Kids with Braces

When it comes to the holiday season, there is no need for kids that have braces to miss out on all of the fun snacks! Some treats and candies can do some real damage to braces, but there are a lot of fun alternatives that are tasty and safe that will excite your young one’s taste buds without bothering any orthodontic work. We’re going to give you some fun and healthy options that will be sure to make them smile!


Strawberry Santas

These are so adorable; your kids will love them!

  • Start by slicing the strawberry in half
  • Flip the larger bottom side over so it stand up right
  • Put your favorite whipped topping into a confectioners bag or a zip lock bag with the corner cut off and squirt onto the large bottom portion of the strawberry
  • Add two chocolate sprinkles or mini Hershey kisses for Santa’s eyes
  • Place the small tip of the strawberry on top of the whipped topping
  • Squirt just a tiny amount of whipped cream on the very tippy top

You’re done! No baking or fancy steps!


Reindeer Cheese

Another really easy and tasty treat and this time cheese is involved!

  • Press two bell pepper sticks into a wedge of cheese (whatever is your child’s favorite) this will be the reindeers ears
  • Use two small black olive pieces for the eyes
  • Cut out a small piece of a red pepper for his nose

All done! They’re fun, festive, and a good healthy snack for your kids.


Grape Grinch Kabobs

We love the Grinch! It’s such a classic movie and most all generations know who the famous grumpy character is. These treats are fun and healthy to eat!

  • First skewer on a green grape
  • Next comes a banana slice
  • Then your strawberry (placed upside down)
  • Top it off with a tiny marshmallow

These are so easy and everyone including adults will love these!


Banana Snowman

Frosty the Snowman is a staple around Christmas so why not make him into a snack?

  • Take a banana and slice off three one inch pieces
  • Lay them flat on a plate and slide a skewer through all three
  • Place a strawberry on the skewer above of the top banana slice
  • Place a green grape above the strawberry
  • Place chocolate sprinkles for his buttons, eyes, and mouth
  • Top it all off with a small carrot wedge for his nose


These treats are great for kids and adults with braces. There is nothing sticky or really crunchy so they won’t bother any brackets! As an added bonus in addition to eating these goodies, ask the kids to help you make them! They are easy no matter the age.

Happy Holiday’s from all of us at Port Pediatric Dentistry!

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