4 Things to Know on Maintaining Healthy Teeth for Your Child

improve your child's dental health


Believe it or not, tooth decay is one of the top chronic diseases found among children. Yes, cavities are a bacterial disease/infection. Although this topic is not widely discussed or even thought of as a disease, it is our job to make it known that this is a growing issue for children.


Certain things will tremendously improve your child’s overall dental health

In today’s news we are constantly being reminded of new health findings and what not to do. The purpose of the article we found is not to overwhelm you; it’s a simple reminder that cutting back and avoiding certain things will tremendously improve your child’s overall dental health.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has shared some tips and tricks on how to avoid this terrible disease from affecting your children. For example:

“When it comes to sugary treats and beverages, it’s how often, not how much.”
“Children (or adults for that matter) shouldn’t graze or savor candy and sugary drinks (including drinks like flavored waters,sports drinks and juice). That prolonged exposure to sugar and acid can wreak havoc on teeth. Instead, stick to designated meal and snack times and have them drink plenty of water throughout the day.”


Visit the article below for more tips on how to retain good oral hygiene for your children.

4 Things to know about your child’s teeth


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