6 Summertime Boredom Busters

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If you are a parent, we’re sure you’ve heard the dreaded phrase “Mom/Dad…I’m bored!” During the summer it’s hard to keep your elementary aged child busy every day especially in today’s world where video games and movies are everywhere.

We have come up with a few indoor and outdoor activities to help get you started on breaking the summertime boredom blues!



Water Balloon Fight

A classic summertime staple! Kids love this activity because it gives them a chance to get messy and throw stuff. It’s a cheap way to keep the kids busy for a long time because all you need is balloons and water.


Chalk Drawing

Chalk drawing is another classic activity. Let your kids use their imagination and creativity to make your driveway a work of art! You can buy a inexpensive bucket of colorful chalk at a local dollar store.



There are so many different kinds of Frisbees on the market right now! Some are made with bright colors; they light up, and even whistle. This is a great way to get your kids up and active.



Blanket Fort

We will just say what everyone is thinking, you don’t have to be kid to love making a good blanket fort! The possibilities are endless and depending how many blankets and chairs you have it can be as big as the whole house!


Tea Party

For those of you with girls this is a fairytale favorite. Make a whole afternoon of it and get dressed up and fancy! If you really want to make it special add some real food instead of pretending.


I Spy

This game is really easy to play. Start by calling out something that you are looking at and describe it to your kids. Watch them scramble around the house and try figure it out first. If you want to up the stakes you can add a prize for whoever has the most correct guesses.


This is just a small portion of the creative things you can do this summer. It’s so important for kids to take a step back from the screen play and stay active.

Remember, making things fun will encourage them to use their imagination and never utter that dreadful phrase all summer long!

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