7 Bad Reasons Kids Don’t Floss


Reasons not to floss

Try and come up with 1 reason not to floss. See if it matches the list.

WebMD wrote an article called “7 Excuses for Not Flossing and How to Conquer Them” and even though its not specifically for children, it is exactly how a kid would try and get out of flossing.

Excuse No. 3: I’m Not Coordinated Enough to Floss
If you have trouble reaching the back of your mouth, ask your dentist about:

  • Plastic, disposable, Y-shaped flossers that allow for extra reach
  • Small, round brushes
  • Pointed, rubber tips
  • Wooden or plastic pics (called interdental cleaners)

A child will need your help to floss until he’s about 11 years old. Kids should start to floss as soon as they have two teeth that touch.

Number 6 is definitely not a kid thing but still good for moms to read.

Read the rest at WebMD.

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