After-School Programs A Necessity For Modern Families

After school program

With federal budget cuts on the way, after-school programs are on the chopping block. So many families need these programs, but the government (or current administration) may not understand why.

“In today’s economy, millions of children live in homes where their caretakers are away trying to make a living. After-school programs provide better choices once kids are out of class. Not only do these programs keep kids safe and off the streets, but they also provide educational benefits.”

Financial Necessity or Choice?

With two working parents whether by choice or financial necessity so many families rely on these after-school programs to get by. Some can’t afford after-school daycare even if it’s just for a few hours. Even further, after-school programs are highly beneficial to kids. They can teach them avid social skills, give them the ability to complete their homework, offer tutoring options for children struggling in school, and even just keep kids out of trouble and having fun in a safe environment. Even as children grow older and can legally be at home alone, that’s not necessarily their best option.

Schools often receive a lot of budget cuts and after-school programs can be the first to go, but if children really are the future, then the country needs to find a way to put them first and keep these free programs in place. Just because a family can’t afford to pay for an after-school program doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to reap the benefits of one.

To learn more about the benefits and options of after-school programs refer to Bring after-school activities to kids.

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