Are You Brushing the Right Way?

woman brushing teeth

Just brushing your teeth isn’t enough. You have to make sure you’re brushing your teeth the right way.

“Despite most of us thinking that we’re brushing our teeth correctly or flossing frequently enough, dentist visits are often full of surprises. Irritation, cavities, gingivitis ― the list of our maladies goes on and on.”

Proper Dental Hygiene

Your oral health is dependent on your dental hygiene routine. That means brushing twice a day—morning and night, for at least a couple minutes. You also need to make sure you’re not brushing too hard or too softly. Brushing should not hurt so make should you’re applying a gentle amount of pressure. Finally, it’s vitally important to make sure you’re brushing every part of your teeth. Not just top and bottom, but front to back, and don’t forget about the side facing your tongue.

To learn more about the proper brushing technique and what area you’re most likely to miss refer to You’re Probably Forgetting To Brush This Part Of Your Teeth.

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