Attention Parents: Medicaid Offers Child Dental Care

Safety net with dental insurance


Living on Medicaid can be tough. It’s hard to know what’s covered and then make sacrifices in regard to your health or even worse, the health of your children. Luckily, Medicaid offers dental care to children, unfortunately, it seems as if too many parents are unaware of this option.

“The Michigan Oral Health Coalition report shows only about 5% of Berrien County kids on Medicaid under the age of two have seen a dentist, and the Van Buren County figure is 7%.”

Children should be having regular dental appointments when their teeth start coming in. Dental health is just as important at the very first sign of growth as it is in later years. Waiting too long to see a dentist can cause serious dental defects and decay. So make sure that your child’s dental health is a priority from the very beginning.

To learn more about childhood dental care refer to Report: Low Income Kids Need Better Access To Dental Care.

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