Cold Weather and Tooth Sensitivity

Cold Weather and Tooth Sensitivity

Being from Michigan, cold weather is part of the charm of living in a state with four dramatic seasons. Although we have the most beautiful winters around, if we may be partial, they can cause some serious pain and discomfort for your pearly whites.

We are going to give you a few examples of how cold weather can cause a problem, and some tips and tricks on what to do about it.


Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth have multiple layers. The outer layer which is what protects the tooth is called the enamel. Just below the enamel is the next layer of the tooth called dentin. When this second layer is exposed to cold or hot it can cause extreme sensitivity and if you’ve experienced it, you know that it’s a very uncomfortable sensation.

During the winter months breathing in all of that cold air through your mouth can aggravate these tender teeth making your next sledding experience with the kids not such a fun one.


What to do (Cold)

When you’re out in the cold, try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. If you do this your lips, cheeks, and tongue will naturally provide a barrier between your teeth and the frigid air keeping them insulated and warm!


What to do (Hot)

There is nothing quite like a cup of hot chocolate to satisfy your craving after a long day of playing outdoors. If your teeth are sensitivity to hot drinks enjoy your beverage through a straw. This will minimize the contact of the hot drink to your sensitive teeth.


Dry Mouth

Winter is beautiful but it’s not all fun and games. Colds typically go hand in hand with this season and they can cause you to have a stuffy nose which causes you to breathe more through your mouth. Excessive mouth breathing can lead to a drier mouth than normal. For most of us, saliva is naturally produced and it’s your mouths most powerful defense against decay. It contains different minerals that help neutralize plaque acids. When your mouth is dry for a prolonged period of time you have a higher chance of developing dental decay.


What to do

Drinking water regularly can help keep your mouth wet and decrease your chances of getting decay. Chewing sugar free gum can also help to stimulate saliva and remove food particles after eating. Also, try limiting your caffeine. Caffeine can lead to drying out of your mouth and the rest of your body. If dry mouth is something you experience frequently be sure to discuss this with your dentist.


Lack of Vitamin D

Cold winter temperatures can sometimes keep us cooped up inside. With less time spent outdoors, your exposure to the sun and vitamin D will go down. Vitamin D is so important for the health of your bones and teeth and sunlight exposure enables your body to produce this crucial element.


What to do

The good news is there are plenty of other ways to get your vitamin D intake under control during these blistery months such as eating! A few suggestions are salmon, egg yolks, mushrooms (excluding fortified), certain oatmeal’s, and of course milk and cheese.


Of course if you are having prolonged tooth pain it’s always best to contact your dentist as there could be a more serious problem going on.

Valentine’s Day Tip, Tricks and Suggestions

Valentine’s Day Tip, Tricks and Suggestions

It’s that time of year again! Time to show the one you love just how much you love them.

For your kids of course, this day is nothing but eating candy, writing, and opening Valentine’s Day cards.

Although it’s a fun day, it can be quite costly after you’ve purchased everything and planned a date night. We are going to give you some tried and true tips to help get you through this holiday without breaking the bank.


Valentine’s Day Cards

For kids, cards are one of the staples of Valentine’s Day; they are exciting to give and even more exciting to receive. However, for parents it’s hard to come up with something catchy every year that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We found these adorable downloadable Valentine’s Day cards that won’t cost you a thing and will serve as a reminder to other kids to keep their teeth clean! Follow the link below to print.

Free Valentine’s Day Cards



Treats are the other staple of Valentine’s Day. Most people will buy a bag of candy and call it a day. However, this isn’t the healthiest or best option as some kids could have allergies to specific foods. Last year for Valentine’s Day we gave out a cute printable card (FREE) that said “You light up my life” Card with a glow stick taped to the back of it. Our patients loved them and it was something that all ages could enjoy!

Do your best to steer clear of candy treats. Sticky and gummy treats tend to stick to your teeth and/or pull out existing fillings.  If you do some searching online there are so many other cute and witty non candy items that will cost you pennies and make you the coolest Mom in your kid’s class!


Date Ideas

Now that we have your kids covered it’s time to get you squared away! As parents you may not be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the actual day but, if you’re able to get a sitter we have some inexpensive things for you and your spouse to do that are actually really fun!

  1. Game Night

Planning a romantic date may not be feasible for you, so why not revert back to the good ole days of being a care free teenager! Take advantage of someone else caring for your kids and hit the arcade with your other half. A game night is super low key that takes the pressure off planning a romantic date and replaces it with an old school game of Frogger or Dance Dance Revolution battle. When the night is over, head to the prize area and buy each other a funny gift with all of your winning tickets.

  1. Netflix and Dinner

If you’re a parent, chances are you’re exhausted and need a night to just relax.  Order your favorite food, get into your comfy clothes and spend your night eating, cuddling, and binge watching a mini-series. This night is a dream come true for most parents!

  1. Playing Board Games

Not much of a TV watcher? Another fun stay at home idea is playing board games. Makes some fun snacks like meat a cheese tray or and snack while you play. You might be surprised at your partner’s competitive nature while the kids aren’t around!


Hopefully our tips have helped give you some ideas to put some excitement in your kids Valentine’s Day and yours as well!

10 Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities

10 Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities

If you’re a Teacher, you know how exciting Valentine’s Day is for your students.

It’s a great time to celebrate friendship and love with your class by putting on the world’s best Valentine’s party.

Teacher Approved

If you’ve have run short on ideas or don’t want to break the bank click the link below to this website we found. It has 10 teacher approved ideas to help kick start your party!

10 Classroom Ideas for Teachers

We love Valentine’s Day in our office and feel strongly about celebrating it! Our favorite on this particular website is number 9. You can buy plastic hearts at any dollar store and use them as a fun way of teaching such as math. There is always time for partying and opening cards, but if you can incorporate Valentine’s Day into learning you just won as a teacher in your students eyes!

Holland February 2018 Activities

Holland February 2018 Activities

Although we’re in the middle of winter, Holland never has a shortage of fun activities for your family to participate in. We have some exciting and affordable events that your kids are sure to love!


Family Fort Night

Herrick District Library (300 S. River Ave. Holland, MI 49423)
Saturday, February 24, 2018

Building forts is one of life’s simple pleasures. Kids love building them, and to be honest, so do adults! The Herrick District Library is hosting a family fort night for all to attend. They ask that you take your own, blankets, pillows, flashlights, and any other fort making materials you need along with you. They will start off by reading some stories, and then release you and your kids to get creative and make your own reading forts. Snacks will be provided.

Head to their website below to register for this exciting night!

Herrick District Library


Open Swim

Holland Community Aquatic Center (550 Maple Ave. Holland, MI 49423)
Saturday February 24, 2018

Swimming is something you think of as a summer activity. In Holland it’s a spring, summer, fall, and winter activity! The Holland Aquatic center is the perfect place to take your kids to blow off some steam. They offer an open swim on certain days each month for you and your kids to enjoy their indoor splash pad. Prices vary depending on where you live and age.

Head to their website below for more information

Holland Aquatic Center


Snowshoe Hike

Outdoor Discovery Center Macatawa Greenway (4214 – 56th St. Holland, MI 49423)

Actual event will take place at:
Bysterveld Park (4171 – 14th St. Wayland, MI 49348)

Established in 2000, this organization has helped preserve and protect over 1,200 acres. Their mission is to teach adults and children the importance of being caretakers of nature. Hundreds of people each year visit their nature preserves for the adventure and scenery. During the winter they host a free snowshoeing hike. All participants will get the chance to explore Bysterveld County Park walking on Ojibwa-style snowshoes in search of local animals and plants. Snow shoes are ideal for children 8 and up but you’re more than welcome to bring a sled to pull your little ones.

Visit their website below for registration and directions.

Outdoor Discovery Center


We hope you can get out of the house and enjoy all of these fun activities for February!

5 Steps to Make Your Dental Appointment More Efficient

5 Steps to Make Your Dental Appointment More Efficient

You just received a postcard, text message, or email reminding you of your upcoming dental appointment.

Typically, you would make sure to have it in your calendar and show up on time. However, if you really want to impress the staff and dentist follow these three tips below.


1. Update any health issues or changes

Before your appointment starts be sure to update the staff of any changes in your health history. Letting your dentist know if you have medical issues or have any other health changes before your appointment will help them better assess you during your appointment. Also let your dentist know if you have any dental pain or other oral health concerns, because if they know ahead of time they can prepare the tools they need to help diagnose any potential problems. Preparation for your appointment is key so the more information you can provide before the appointment starts the better.


2. Fill out paperwork ahead of time

We love when you do this! Not only is it helpful for us, it’s a huge time saver for you! If you’re a new patient call ahead and see if they have paperwork for you to fill out. A lot of offices will have them available either on their website for you to print and bring with you to the appointment or they will offer to mail them to you.


3. Update any personal information changes

It is extremely important to notify the reception staff of any changes to your information such as address, telephone number, email address and most importantly insurance updates. These are crucial as this is how your dental office gets ahold of you with any additional questions, appointment reminders, and to properly bill your insurance.


4. Make your next dentist appointment before leaving the office

It’s recommended to visit your dentist twice per year. To avoid forgetting to set up your next appointment ask the staff if you can set one up before you leave. This will ensure you get your desired time and day. Actually, most offices prefer you do this and by asking to do so you’ll make brownie points with the receptionist!


5. Consider any additional treatments

While you’re making you next appointment, make sure you keep in mind any additional work that you may want done such as sealants. This takes a little extra time so be sure to take that into consideration when setting up appointments. The idea is giving yourself extra time versus packing your daily schedule too tight.


Hopefully you’ve found the above tips to be helpful. You only visit the dentist twice per year so it’s really important to make the most out of each appointment!