Would You Pay A Higher Price For Toothpaste That’s Fluoride Free?

Would You Pay A Higher Price For Toothpaste That’s Fluoride Free?

We all want healthy teeth and an attractive smile, but how much are you willing to pay for chemical free toothpaste?

“Australian personal care company Aesop recently released a toothpaste infused with sea buckthorn, cardamom, and wasabi.”

Expensive Toothpaste vs Dr. Visits

In modern day, natural products are all the rage, but at $17 for just one tube of toothpaste, many would consider that a luxury, not a necessity. Many people might be looking for chemical free toothpaste, but thinking about how many tubes you’d buy in just one year, the cost can add up quickly. Regardless of if a person is able to afford this luxury toothpaste, dental visits should never be skipped. No toothpaste or any kind of at home care can compare to your regular doctor’s visit. So whichever oral hygiene products you choose, just remember your dentist is a necessity.

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Downtime for kids vs. after school activities

Downtime for kids vs. after school activities


In today’s world it’s important to have balanced children. When it comes to activities and downtime it can be tricky to decipher what is best for your child and find that happy medium. We’ve found a great article that gives the pros and cons of each.

Downtime vs. Actvities

“You probably don’t need to worry that your child is overscheduled or that the number of activities in which he participates will have a negative impact on him. However, me time remains an essential part of everyone’s life and plays an important role in children’s development—so make sure to schedule some unscheduled time into your child’s life regularly.”

This article is a great read! In general today’s children are far more involved in extracurricular activities than twenty years ago, but we feel this is a good thing in moderation. It helps kids to be well adjusted and achieve higher goals. However, downtime is just as important as everyone needs some time to recharge.

5 Brainpower Boosting Foods for Back to School

5 Brainpower Boosting Foods for Back to School


When it comes to helping your child perform at their best during school hours there is no easier way then helping them eat right. Studying and snacking have always gone hand in hand so why not swap out those sugary snacks for something tasty and nutritious!

We’re going to give you a few tips to help your child advance this school year and really kick that brain power into gear.


Waking up to a glass of water

In today’s world our children are constantly being exposed to sugary bubbly drinks and not getting enough of nature’s finest drink, water. If your child is dehydrated it can cause them to be irritable and lethargic thus hindering the learning process. Once they wake encourage water consumption and send them off to school with a water bottle.


Taking a break for breakfast

We’ve all heard our parents say “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Turns out they were right. Breakfast kick starts the brain and give it that boost it needs to go all day long. Children who eat a balanced breakfast have been proven to have more energy and concentration than those children who don’t. Even if your child is not a big eater something as simple as oatmeal can go a long way. Make sure to take the extra time to feed your kids before school to optimize that brain power!


Complex carbs and proteins

When these two separate nutrients combine they become a match made in heaven. To some the idea of a carb means unhealthy and weight gain, but not all carbs are created equal. Complex carbs are built of fiber and starch and when combined with protein it will provide your child with a days’ worth of sustained energy. Try giving them peanut butter slathered on whole grain bread, they won’t be upset!


Fill up on leafy greens

You may be thinking that getting your child to eat leafy greens is impossible. There are always clever ways to sneak in those vegetables you just have to do some research. Leafy greens contain called folate which is a B vitamin. This is used to create memory brain cells resulting in a productive day at school.



DHA is considered a mineral and it does a great job at promoting brain function. It is vital for children to consume DHA for brain development. This mineral is found in a lot of different foods that your kids will love such as cheese, eggs, and fish. Get creative with those dinners to increase brain function throughout the day.

Wishing you and your kids a great school year filled with good grades and tons of brain power!

Not All Children Are Getting The Dental Attention They Need

Not All Children Are Getting The Dental Attention They Need

Growing kids have growing teeth, gums, and everything else in their precious little mouths. That means they need extra attention especially while they’re still learning how to properly care for their oral health. Unfortunately, a study found that certain children are less likely to get the care they need.

“Children in care, including those in foster and residential care, have double the rates of urgent dental treatment and are half as likely to attend dental services as the general child population. Children in care are also twice as likely to have a tooth extraction under general anaesthetic [sic].”

Every Child Deserves Proper Care

While it remains uncertain the exact reasons as to why children in care are not receiving this vital medical attention, one thing is clear, no child should go without regular visits to the dentist. Oral health is just as important as the rest of a child’s health. While adults should also make regular visits whether or not they do so is ultimately up to them. A child’s health, however, is in the hands of the adults responsible for them. So no matter what a child’s circumstance, oral hygiene should always be a top priority.

To learn more about the differences in dental health for children in care refer to New study finds stark differences between dental health of kids in care and general child population.

After-School Programs A Necessity For Modern Families

After-School Programs A Necessity For Modern Families

With federal budget cuts on the way, after-school programs are on the chopping block. So many families need these programs, but the government (or current administration) may not understand why.

“In today’s economy, millions of children live in homes where their caretakers are away trying to make a living. After-school programs provide better choices once kids are out of class. Not only do these programs keep kids safe and off the streets, but they also provide educational benefits.”

Financial Necessity or Choice?

With two working parents whether by choice or financial necessity so many families rely on these after-school programs to get by. Some can’t afford after-school daycare even if it’s just for a few hours. Even further, after-school programs are highly beneficial to kids. They can teach them avid social skills, give them the ability to complete their homework, offer tutoring options for children struggling in school, and even just keep kids out of trouble and having fun in a safe environment. Even as children grow older and can legally be at home alone, that’s not necessarily their best option.

Schools often receive a lot of budget cuts and after-school programs can be the first to go, but if children really are the future, then the country needs to find a way to put them first and keep these free programs in place. Just because a family can’t afford to pay for an after-school program doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to reap the benefits of one.

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