5 Tips To Help Kids Keep New Year’s Resolutions

5 Tips To Help Kids Keep New Year’s Resolutions

The excitement of the holidays is over and that means motivation to keep new years resolutions might be too. Parents can help their kids stay motivated to keep their resolutions with these tips.

1. Set a Resolution Example

This is a great way to teach kids about long-term goal making, but if you give up after a month or two, it will show them that they can give up too. Kids learn a lot from their parents and pick up on things you didn’t realize you were teaching them.

2. Stay Positive About Your Resolutions

Staying positive about your resolutions as you work towards it is just another way you can set a good example for your kids. Even if there is a setback, staying positive teaches the same thing.

3. Keep Resolutions Reasonable

The resolutions and goals may look doable when you set them at the new year. But after the holiday break when work and school start up, it might be much harder than you thought. Maybe the resolutions are too big or extreme but rather than abandon them, you can reset your resolution and help your kids do the same.

4. Start Small and Build to Bigger Resolutions

Level up your kid’s resolutions by helping them maintain manageable steps. Getting in the habit of completing resolutions will help in the long run and make bigger goals easier to stick with.

5. Check up but Don’t Hound Resolutions

A visual reminder of your goals and their goals is a great way to keep everyone engaged. Stick it to the fridge, bathroom mirror, tv, something that stands out. Then you don’t have to ask them each day how it’s going, it’s there for everyone to see.


Keeping your resolutions and helping your kids keep their resolutions isn’t easy but these tips can keep everyone on track to make sure the resolutions make it to the end of the year. You can do it and so can your kids!

14 Toothbrushing Mistakes: Part 1

14 Toothbrushing Mistakes: Part 1

Do you diligently brush your teeth two times a day? There is a good chance that the way you’ve been brushing your teeth all these years could be wrong!

In this two part series we will be giving you some pointers and tips on how to brush better and keep those pearly whites happy and healthy!

1. You’re Likely Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard.

Hard and vigorous brushing over time can lead to wearing down the enamel and gum recession exposing the root of your tooth. This can result in a need for root canals, fillings, and even extractions. Try to remember that plaque is soft and doesn’t require aggressive brushing. Being thorough is much more important!

2. You’re Likely Holding Your Brush Too Tight.

Adding to number 1, holding your brush with a heavy grip can lead to brushing too hard.

3. Your Toothbrush Bristles Are Possibly Too Hard.

Did you know toothbrushes come in different levels of softness? I’m sure your gums have noticed if you accidentally purchased a medium or hard toothbrush! The softer the better as hard bristles can weaken your tooth enamel.

4. You’re Likely Holding It at the Wrong Angle.

The American Dental Association recommends you hold your toothbrush bristles at a 45 degree angle to your teeth. Make sure to brush in tiny circles or small strokes (think one tooth at a time). Brush all the surfaces of your tooth that you can reach including the inside and biting surface.

5. You’re Likely Not Brushing Long Enough.

The American Dental Association says that you should brush for two minutes. Take your time and really focus on brushing each tooth. We recommend an electric toothbrush. Not only does it do a lot of the work for you, most come with a two minute timer.

6. You May Be Forgetting to Brush Your Tongue.

Your tongue is covered with bacteria and food that gets caught causing bad breath. The majority of people brush their teeth twice a day, but are they making sure to brush their tongues too? Seems crazy but brushing that gunk off can reduce the bad breathe in your mouth.

7. You’re Likely Not Watching What You’re Doing.

In today’s society doing just one thing at a time seems wasteful. You’re not doing yourself any favors by multi-tasking while brushing.  Instead of checking Facebook or finishing up those last minute chores, look at yourself in the mirror. Really focus on brushing each and everyone one of your teeth, all the way to your gum line.

You can read the tips 8-14 in part 2.

If you have any questions please call our office, we’re happy to help!

Updated 1.15.19

Spring Recipes to Make With Your Kids

Spring Recipes to Make With Your Kids

Bring Back Spring with These Simple Recipes to Make With Your Kids

It’s Michigan and it’s cold!

It’s easy to load up on comfort food this time of the year but you don’t to. You can make it spring again for the whole family by making some spring weather food with your kids.

Spring Time Sandwich

The Nutella and Raspberry Sandwiches in Lose the Cape’s list look amazing, just remember to brush after eating!

It takes about 10 minutes to make for the whole family and has 3 ingredients.

  • Bread
    The recipe calls for white bread but there are healthier options that taste great too. 
  • Nutella
  • Raspberries

That’s just one way to bring spring back, there are 5 others Easy Spring Recipes from Lose the Cape.

7 Free or Cheap Activities for Christmas

7 Free or Cheap Activities for Christmas

It’s almost Christmas!

We’ve put together some simple, easy, and fun activities for you and your family to do together. They are great for the days off of work and school.

1. Holiday Bingo

Play just for fun or have small prizes to hand out. Pack it away and save it for next year. There are many bingo card makers online that let you make your own bingo cards. Bingo.saksena.net is simple to customize and free.

2. Paper Snowflakes

It’s not always a White Christmas. So we make our own! You can’t mess them up so it’s a great activity for kids and a fun way to add some more Christmas cheer to your living room.

3. Write to Santa

Leave him a note that he can take back to the north pole. Bonus points for drawing a picture.

4. Bake Cookies

Cookies can be simple to make and tons of fun with the kids. Frosting is tasty, messy and can a chance to be creative for everyone. Then the best part, eat them.

5. Christmas Movies

There is a Christmas Movie for everyone. It’s a great time for the classics as well and new favorites. Adding some hot chocolate and cookies make it even better too.

6. Gift Wrapping

Hopefully you are ahead of the game with wrapping gifts. If you’re not, then you might be able to assemble a team. Your little elves can learn that giving can be an amazing feeling.

7. Get crafty

Have some wrapping paper laying around? See if you can make a collage out of the extra scraps or look for extra stuff around the house to make your own Christmas story.


There are fun ways to get into the holiday spirit with your family and they don’t have to cost a lot. Have fun!

10 Signs that Your Baby is Teething (Part 2)

10 Signs that Your Baby is Teething (Part 2)

Each baby is unique and teeth at different times. Usually Some teeth come through as early as 3 months or as late as 14 months.

Be ready by knowing some of the signs of teething by reading the next 5 signs below. Read teething signs 1-5 if you missed part 1.

6. Pulling of Ears, Rubbing of Cheeks and Chin

Rubbing the area around their jaws to create counter pressure that helps relieve some of the pain so naturally they will do it. Watch out for more active hands.

7. Chewing Fingers

The easiest thing to chew on, fingers! Just like chewing toys, chewing on fingers relieves some of the discomfort. Make sure to keep your baby’s hands clean.

8. Teething Cough and Rashes

The extra drool caused by teething can cause coughing due to saliva collecting at the back of your baby’s throat. chafing and facial rashes. Listen for coughing and check for raches.

9. Swollen Gums and Appearance of Tooth Buds

Red and swollen gums are a big sign that they’re teething. You can help relieve some of his discomfort by gently rubbing your finger over their gums which might be better then them biting their own fingers.

10. Crying for No Apparent Reason

Some babies tend to suffer a great deal of discomfort during teething as their gums become inflamed. If your baby is constantly crying or whining then the chances are that they may be teething.


You’re ready to spot the signs of a teething baby! Some teeth can come through as early as 3 months or as late as 14 months.

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