What Makes a Great Dental Office For Kids?

What Makes a Great Dental Office For Kids?

Going to the dentist might be one of the last activities on a list of things kids want to do. We know that, and that’s why we do our best to make our office an enjoyable place for kids. So what makes our dental office more kid-friendly than the rest?

Make it a kid-friendly environment.

We don’t want your kids to feel like they’re in a stuffy place meant for grown-ups. We want them to feel like our office is designed with them in mind. That’s why we fill our office with fun so they can stay feeling like kids instead of being forced to act like they’re doing something only meant for adults.

Make certain the patient knows you care.

The staff should care about the children in their care. We understand that dental visits aren’t kids favorite activities. They may have discomfort and we want to make sure that every irritation is met with compassion. That’s why we train our staff to be understanding of every child’s needs. When they say there’s pain, we listen, we care, and we comfort the situation.

Be a fountain of information.

We explain why we do what we do. Children need a reason so that they may understand what we’re doing to their teeth and why. We want to encourage them to be healthy and that starts with explaining what’s needed to maintain the health of their teeth. We describe our tools in ways that make the whole process less scary. They know that these tools are all bark and no bite because while they look scary, we try to make them as pain-free as possible.

Encourage kids to practice good dental hygiene.

We want your kids to be proactive about their own health. We teach them how to properly brush their teeth and their gums as well as the importance of avid flossing. We believe that kids can help prevent their own cavities and prevent tooth decay. It’s all about getting them excited to keep their pearly whites clean.

Speak to kids like they’re kids.

Kids aren’t adults. They don’t want the logistics. They want fun. That’s why we speak to children in a language they understand. We don’t treat their visits as a business transaction. Our aim is to make them feel safe instead of scared and alone. We’re their playmates for the visit and that’s why we do our very best to make them feel like they’re among friends.

Use sympathizing and kid-friendly words.

At our office, we avoid negative connotations that might make kids apprehensive about their regular dental visits. We never say words like “hurt,” “poke,” “shot,” or “needle,” which can give even grown adults anxiety. Kids need “kid gloves” in certain situations and we always keep a pair handy.

Make their visit a positive experience.

We want your kids to have a lifetime of healthy smiles so we see it as our job to make oral health a positive routine rather than a dreaded chore. We’re starting with a safe and happy environment for children so that they may grow into oral health concerned adults. We don’t want them to fear the dentist. We want them to love the dentist just like we love caring for their teeth.

No Matter How Hygienic You Are, Don’t Skip The Dentist

No Matter How Hygienic You Are, Don’t Skip The Dentist

You wake up quickly brush your teeth and you’re on your way with a pearly white smile, right? Wrong. There’s way more prep that goes into keeping your teeth healthy than that. Even if you are somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to your teeth, your teeth still can’t get all the care they need at home.

“As permissible as your schedule is, make it a habit to visit a dental care clinic regularly for full oral checkup and teeth cleaning. There are dental problems that you may not be able to identify on your own. Adhering to this can save you a whole world of hurt in the long run.”

Regular Dental Visits Are a Necessity

Brushing your whole mouth, not just your teeth is great dental hygiene, so is flossing regularly, maintaining a teeth-friendly diet, and choosing water over sugary drinks as well as alcohol. That being said, no matter how much care you give your teeth, you should still have check-ups done by a professional. Not only do they ensure there are no underlying problems or major health concerns, you’ll also get a professional cleaning that tidies up the messes in your mouth you never even knew you missed.

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What Happens If Your Children Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep?

What Happens If Your Children Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep?

When it comes to kids, just how important is a regularly scheduled bedtime? Whether or not your child gets enough hours of sleep each night effects more than you know.

“Regular sleep deprivation often leads to some pretty difficult behaviors and health problems—irritability, difficulty concentrating, hypertension, obesity, headaches, and depression. Children who get enough sleep have a healthier immune system, and better school performance, behavior, memory, and mental health.”

Sleep Is a Major Health Concern

Your child’s sleep is more important than if they’re going to be crabby the next day. An effective amount of sleep is essential for your kids to function and do their very best. It’s not just about how they act though. It’s about how they feel because getting enough sleep is just as important to their health as eating a healthy diet and exercising. Their health doesn’t end at bedtime, and neither does yours.

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Oral Hygiene Can Help Control Type 2 Diabetes

Oral Hygiene Can Help Control Type 2 Diabetes

So much of the time, overall health begins with oral health.

“A clinical study conducted by researchers of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the UB shows that control of type 2 diabetes improves when the patient attends to dental hygiene.”

Oral Hygiene Is Essential to Your Health

Now that research has now shown that those suffering from type 2 diabetes can help control the disease by managing their oral health, it’s time to once again put an emphasis on how important regular oral hygiene can be. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash is essential to keeping your diabetes under control. This routine should be combined with regular visits to your dentist as well as your regular doctor. Who knew something as simple as a daily oral health routine could improve your control over such a dangerous disease?

To learn more about this study refer to A study proves oral health improves diabetes.

Lung Cancer Isn’t the Only Cancer That Should Concern Smokers

Lung Cancer Isn’t the Only Cancer That Should Concern Smokers

While lung cancer is probably the most common disease associated with smoking cigarettes, mouth cancers are a danger to smokers as well as heavy drinkers too.

“While smoking is linked to three quarters of all mouth cancers, those that smoke and drink alcohol to excess increase their risk of mouth cancer by up to 30 times.”

Addiction Plays a Part in Every Part of Your Health

Alcoholism and tobacco addiction both come with heavy costs and that cost isn’t just coming from your wallet. The health concerns are real for your entire body and don’t forget about your mouth. Oral hygiene doesn’t just mean brushing and flossing your teeth. Anything you put in your mouth should be a concern too. So when it comes to mouth cancer, if you want to beat the odds, stay away from cigarettes and keep your drinking in moderation.

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