Cheap and Unhealthy Lunches Marketed Towards Kids

Cheap and Unhealthy Lunches Marketed Towards Kids


Sometimes it’s hard as a parent to provide your child with healthy food all of them time. Life gets busy and sometimes you hand your child a bag of chips instead of a yogurt or apple. However, it is tempting to buy cheaper and unhealthier foods as they’re being shown everywhere you look.

We found this article exposing how brands are marketing really cheap and unhealthy foods to children causing conflict between the child and their parents.

Unhealthy foods marketed towards kids

 “When I’m counselling parents and children and youth around weight issues, recommending to the family that they not bring junk food into the house … I’ve had numerous occasions where children will break down in tears or they’ll stomp out of the office and say they won’t do this. It does set up conflicts.”


School Lunch Programs

We understand that it can be tough and costly to buy healthy food items all of the time however, it’s a great idea to look into your child’s school programs. Some schools offer different lunch time programs that can help.

If buying healthier foods for your child causes conflict, speak with their pediatrician about ways to slowly start incorporating good foods into their diet.

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