Children’s Hospital Incorporating VR

VR to escape their current ailment or illness


For the most part, the world has been using virtual reality systems for entertainment, but one hospital is making it clear that this electronic platform has incredible potential. The Hospital for Sick Children, located in Toronto, Canada, has started implementing a virtual reality system to help conquer patient fears.

“Operating rooms, recovery rooms, xray suites, and more are included in the app, allowing users to become familiar with the sights and sounds of these often strange, anxiety-provoking environments beforehand.”

VR to escape their current ailment or illness


The hospital is using this system to prepare children for tests, operations, and so much more. Not only is this tool used as a way to familiarize patients with hospital practices, but it is also being used as a distraction technique. Patients can use the VR system to escape their current ailment or illness on an adventure or play a variety of games. No matter if the virtual reality system is used for pleasure or preparation, the bottom line is it’s helping these young patients get through tough times emotionally and physically.


To learn more about the potential of virtual reality systems in the medical field refer to Hospital for Sick Kids launches Virtual Reality Unit with Samsung.

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