Community Action House: Making Healthy Food Accessible to Everyone

Healthy food

While some people just don’t want to eat healthier, so many others can’t afford it. That’s just one of the hard truths of the world—healthier food is more expensive. So when shelters and other organizations built to help those with tighter budgets ask for donations, it’s typically not the cream of the crop. So people who want to eat healthier, but can’t afford to, have no way to access healthy diets, until now.

“Community Action House is seeking to address the issue of healthy eating by offering a full range of choices in our food pantry in the following categories: protein, dairy, vegetables, fruit, grains, and miscellaneous. We’ve formed partnerships with local farms, community gardens, individual gardeners and grocery stores who donate an array of healthy food that we can distribute.”

Healthy Eating Is Important in All Walks of Life

The less fortunate deserve to live healthy lifestyles and maintain a balanced diet too. Kids need these nutrients to grow into healthy adults, and the adults need them to maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their family. So while low-income families once had to choose the lower quality items on the grocery store shelves just to put food on the table, they can now fill their family’s bellies with the foods they need to stay strong and keep pushing on.

To learn more about the Community Action House and their efforts to bring healthy food to everyone refer to Healthy food sustains healthy living.

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