Could School Decide Kid’s Dental Health?

classroom with kids


You want your kids to grow up with healthy teeth, but you can only control what happens in your own home. What about when your kids are away from you though, like when they’re at school?

Studies have shown that health-conscious school systems can actually help to improve a child’s dental hygiene. Just take this school for example:

“Yendarra Primary is a low-income school with a healthy food and beverage policy.  In 2007, the school started restricting students’ access to sugary foods and drinks. This included making water the default beverage for students while on school grounds. Families were encouraged to provide healthy lunches such as salads, sandwiches, fruit, water and milk.”

Did it work?

Once these new health policies were implemented the school showed lower records of tooth decay compared to multiple other schools that did not participate in healthy living programs.

What’s you responsibility?

It just goes to show once again that it takes a village to raise a child. You can do your part at home by making sure your children floss and brush their teeth day and night in addition to providing healthy meals instead of sugar filled junk foods. The next step is urging your community to implement similar health conscious programs and policies in your local schools.


To learn more about the Yendarra Primary school study refer to Study Shows Schools Can Help Reduce Tooth Decay.

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