Differences in Oral Health Habits Around the World

Oral health habit - brushing

We think it’s fair to say that not every country around the world has the same views on oral habits as Americans do. In fact some countries beliefs on good oral hygiene are completely different than ours.

We found this interesting article that displays a survey that was carried out in 12 different countries on what they believe good oral hygiene entails. It has some really interesting facts about other countries.

“In eight countries, 50 per cent or more of respondents thought it was important to brush your teeth straight after every main meal. Brazil, Mexico, Egypt and Poland were the worst offenders in this regard. In fact, FDI World Dental Federation (a partner of the World Health Organization) recommends waiting at least 30 minutes after eating to brush your teeth to avoid weakening tooth enamel.”

Worldwide Oral Health Habits

Our goal is to make sure that everyone knows proper oral hygiene and how to make it a lasting habit. Starting your children with a pediatric dentist and a young age will ensure they grow up knowing exactly how to take care of those beautiful pearly whites!

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