DIY Teeth Straightening Can Cause Irreversible Damage

crooked teeth

There’s a new trend in the oral health world—teens are attempting to straighten their teeth at home without the advice of a professional. These kids are using household items such as rubber bands or paper clips to get a straight smile and skip the orthodontist altogether.

“Orthodontists are warning parents and patients of the dangers in the recent trend of at-home teeth straightening techniques, saying that in some cases these do-it-yourself braces can cause irreparable damage to your teeth.”

An Orthodontist Should Be Your First Call

Orthodontists are now having these teenagers come into their office and after surveying the damage have to explain that the effects cannot be reversed. Things such as rubber bands can actually proceed up into the gums and kill the root of a tooth. The kids can even lose teeth which can cost anywhere into the five-figure range to replace—much more than the price of proper braces. Bottom line—when it comes to teeth straightening, always seek professional help.

To learn more about this dangerous trend refer to Orthodontists warn against uptick in DIY teeth straightening.

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