Farmers Market Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy

Farmers Market Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy


There are many things as a parent that you teach your children; potty training, talking, walking, riding a bike, the list can go on forever! One of the many things that children should learn is the importance of healthy eating and exercise and a farmers market in Wytheville Virginia is doing just that.

Importance of healthy eating and exercise

Every Tuesday afternoon during the summer the farmers market teaches a variety of different educational programs that help children learn how to choose the fruits and vegetable they like and how to prepare them in different foods.

“Following an interactive lesson on nutrition and physical education each Tuesday, children are given a $2 Fresh Buck coupon to spend on healthy foods at the market.”

This is such an amazing gift these kids are getting. As a pediatric dental office we know the importance of eating healthy. Along with benefiting your children’s bodies, it benefits their teeth.

Check out the full article below and get some ideas on how to teach your children about healthy eating!

Virginia Farmers Market Teaching Healthy Habits

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