Forget To Brush Your Teeth? There’s A Text For That

reminder from mom to brush teeth

Brushing your teeth should at least be done every morning and night, but even some adults can be prone to forget this important daily ritual. Whether you’re too busy or simply can’t remember to brush those pearly whites, your oral hygiene doesn’t have to suffer anymore.

Now you can sign up for Texts From A Mom where you can actually receive text message reminders from real life moms to brush those teeth!

“Nearly 30% of people are consistent once-a-dayers, Bill Kohn, DDS, said in a statement on oral health. The “texts from a mom” project will send up to three texts a day reminding those who sign up to brush.”

Why oral hygiene important

Oral hygiene is so important to your overall health. That’s why brushing your teeth is a step that should never be missed. You might think that you don’t have the time but you can squeeze a few extra minutes every day to brush your teeth morning and night. You might be an adult but if you still need a mom to remind you of your oral hygiene, you officially have no excuse.


To learn more about the Texts From A Mom program refer to You Can Now Have A Random Mom Text Reminders To Brush Your Teeth.

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