Forget Waiting for Plows, Checkout This Snow-melting System

new snowmelt system in Holland MI


Michigan might be one of the coldest winter states with one of the highest snowfalls, but one of its cities isn’t taking a backseat to this issue. Holland, MI, the beach city just off the coast of Lake Michigan, implemented a heating system into its streets and sidewalks years ago and the idea has only continued to grow. Just how do they do it?


“Holland diverts waste heat from a nearby power plant to run under the streets and sidewalks to melt the snow with a smart snowmelt system.”


Forget needing to wait for snowplows every morning, getting salt stuck to your car, or even having to shovel the snow yourself. Though the project is only currently located in Holland’s downtown, expansion holds a lot of possibilities. For now, it means that downtown stores and restaurants can thrive year-round despite the weather. For the future, it could mean fewer school cancellations and safer roads for every driver.


To learn more about this innovative snow-melting system refer to Holland, Michigan’s Intelligent Snowmelt System.

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