Going Out Is Easier, But Is It Healthy For Kids?

eating dinner as a family

Restaurants have claimed that they’re attempting to make healthier options for adults and nutritional meals for children, but how committed are they? Furthermore, how committed are parents?

“In recent years, restaurants have vowed to change up the menu and offer healthier choices for kids. But our analysis of the nutritional content of more than 4,000 children’s menu items from across the country shows that, despite the promises, kids’ plates still look much the same.”

Are there healthy options when going out to eat?

Eating out can be a lot quicker and easier than cooking at home but the likelihood of a healthy restaurant dinner for your kids is pretty low. Not only do these restaurants come up with new sugar-filled treats to advertise to your children but also healthy options are still severely lacking and when the kids are hungry the absence of nutrition can go unnoticed.

How to find healthy options

It’s not just the fault of the restaurant though. Some establishments do have healthier side options like fruits over fries, but how likely are you to choose this option for your child or even yourself? Kids want salt, sugar, and starch just like you do. They grow accustomed to these greasy fried foods and you grow accustomed to the easement of not having to slave away in the kitchen. At the end of the day, though they do play a prominent role in unhealthy lifestyles, it’s not just the restaurant’s fault. We all have to choose better options for our kids and ourselves.


To learn more about health related to the restaurant industry refer to Restaurants pledged to make kids’ meals healthier – but the data show not much has changed.

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