High Blood Pressure Growing Among Children, What Can You Do?

burger and fries, is it healthy?


Many adults become concerned with high blood pressure as they grow older, but what about your kids?

“According the a new survey conducted by a group of doctors in the paediatrics department of Gandhi Medical College (GMC), Hyderabad, one in seven students in the city suffers from hypertension.”

So what’s causing this fluctuation in childhood hypertension or high blood pressure, as it’s more commonly known? The same things that cause high blood pressure in adults—things like stress, unhealthy diets, and lack of exercise.

If you want healthy children, then set an example. Prepare healthy meals, snacks, and drinks for your children and yourself. Make exercise a part of both your daily life and the daily life of your children. Find stress relieving activities and prevent your kids from becoming couch potatoes.

Kids feel stress just like adults do. Their mental and physical health is connected just like yours. So if you want to keep your child’s blood pressure (and your own) in check, then make a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. After all, kids have enough to worry about these days without adding a concern for high blood pressure too.

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