High School Students Get Sneak Peek Into Higher Education


Think back to when you were in high school and all the uncertainty you had about what college would be. What if you could have received a first-hand glimpse into that life while you still had the comfort of being a high school kid? Well, some very lucky West Michigan high school students got to do just that in Grand Valley State University’s new summer enrichment program.

“Like a first-year student at Grand Valley, students in the summer enrichment camp stay in on-campus housing with students from other schools. They also take mock classes with professors on campus, eat at on-campus dining options and meet with financial aid and admissions representatives.”

Students were also able to take a peek at the schools clubs, sports, and other extra curricular activities in addition to being given job preparation aids for after the afterlife of college. Just imagine if you could have gone to college already knowing what you were up for. You’d feel a sense of comfort and hopefully ease the anxiety of starting a whole new life away from home. While these students might be headed back to high school this year, hopefully, the program not only prepared kids for post-graduation life but will also inspire them to take a stronger interest in higher learning.

To learn more about this summer program refer to GVSU lets high schoolers experience college life.

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