How Do We Inspire The Future Leaders Of America? Start Them Young

Kids grow into leaders


One U.S. elementary school has started a leadership program in order to make kids confident and influential from a young age. Many children struggle with confidence in and outside of the classroom, but this program is changing that.

“The premise behind the program is that all children can be leaders and that it starts with developing a set of essential habits, “and once they learn the habits they can carry them through life,” said school counselor Theresa Kazee, who is on the teacher team that spearheads implementation of the program at Cannonsburg.”

Childhood Education

While academics have always been the importance of most schools, this school is taking a further step in childhood education by helping to build a child’s character skills. They learn to be kind to one another in an effort to stop bullying. They learn to speak up for themselves so all of their voices can be heard. They learn responsibility so that they take a first-hand interest in their own education rather than simply trying to please parents with good grades.

Leadership at Home

It doesn’t have to stop at school, though. Leadership can be a learning tool that is carried on at home. Parents can hold kids responsible by teaching them the cost of a dollar through efforts like chores. Give your children a voice at home by asking about not just their day, but their own thoughts and opinions. Inspire your kids to take an active role in their education by caring about their learning and not simply fear punishment from bad grades. Confidence is able to leave the classroom if you create a welcoming environment at home too.

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