How Long Should Your Dental Visit Be?

dentist appointment

Going to the dentist might not be at the top of your list of favorite things to do, but regular check-ups are necessary.

Don’t just let your dentist appointment be about the professionals judging your teeth, make sure you’re judging the professionals.

“If your dental cleaning takes less time than a sitcom, it’s not thorough enough.”

Proper Dental Care Takes Time

You want to make sure you leave the dentist with a proper cleaning as well as a proper health inspection. Your dentist shouldn’t be trying to rush you out the door.

You might have a busy schedule as well, but a short visit just isn’t a thorough visit. The time you spend in the dental office chair is time well spent as long as both the hygienist and doctor give you their full attention for as much time as needed. Just remember, it’s your job to look after your oral health too.

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