Is Advertising Causing Childhood Obesity?

kid watching tv advertisement


Certain industries like tobacco and alcohol aren’t allowed to advertise to kids and teenagers, but those aren’t the only unhealthy habits that require protection. One of the most harmful industries to your child’s health is advertising straight to your kids—the food industry.

“New Canadian research reveals that over 90 per cent of food and beverage ads viewed by kids and teens online are for unhealthy products. The most frequently advertised products on sites frequented by teens include cakes, cookies and ice cream, cereal, restaurants and sugary drinks.”

Childhood obesity is an epidemic.

While children should be taught to eat their proper doses of fruits and veggies, they’re instead being pushed to consume sugar, salt, and all the fried food they can get their hands on. Learning how to maintain a healthy diet starts during childhood and while the food industry may not be as concerned with your child’s health as they are with making a profit, you can instill that sense of responsibility in your children. Restrictions on advertising could do a lot to reduce obesity rates, but until that time comes it’s your job to make sure your children understand that a well-balanced diet is a key to their physical and mental well-being. Good parenting can make up for bad advertising. So don’t forget to do your part to ensure your children grow into strong and healthy adults.

To learn more about unhealthy foods being advertised to your children refer to Our kids should be protected from junk-food ads.

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